Get a grip, Karen!

It’s been a funny sort of week. Plans changing; both long-term and short-term. Getting stressed about the changes. Realising that none of it was the end of the world and I should stop being a drama queen. Hence the title of this blog.

It all began with a nasty toothache over the weekend, caused by a hole in my wisdom tooth which was discovered by my dentist a couple of weeks ago. Said tooth was due to come out on Thursday but after a weekend of pain I decided enough was enough and luckily my lovely dentist (yes, she is lovely, even though she is a dentist) was able to bump up my appointment to Monday afternoon. So out came the tooth. Hurrah, no more toothache, and an excuse to eat squishy puddings for a few days. I expected quite a bit of pain after the local anaesthetic wore off but actually it wasn’t too bad. Of course, I had arranged to be off work at the end of the week and now here I was taking time off at the beginning instead, so a certain amount of juggling was required. My clients were all very understanding and pretty much everybody was rescheduled just fine, so that was that. Or so I thought.

The next problem came on Tuesday morning. Due to an unexpected financial setback, it became apparent that hubby and I wouldn’t quite be able to afford the (admittedly very expensive) summer holiday we had originally planned. Aarrgh! The end of the world is nigh! Although I was outwardly being quite calm about it, my inner drama queen had kicked in big-style. After having to cancel several holidays last year due to family problems (see my previous blog post) I couldn’t believe we were having to change things again. Were we destined to have no more holidays? Had we used up some cosmic quota and now were restricted to day trips only? In a bit of a flap I phoned the travel agent, to see what our options were. We had already paid a deposit and didn’t want that going to waste. Enter into the picture another lovely lady. The very calm and reassuring travel agent assured me that we could transfer our deposit to any other holiday, and we could even do that for a holiday to be taken next year rather than this year, giving us more time to save up. In the end that’s what we decided to do. By the end of Tuesday it was pretty much all sorted out. We are still taking a holiday this year, just a slightly different (and less expensive) one. It’s still going to be awesome. You’ll hear about that later in the year.

So by the time I was halfway through the week I was kicking myself for getting all stressed about my so-called problems and boring everyone to death on Facebook and Twitter with them. I realised I had turned into the sort of person I don’t actually like: the one who always seems to have ‘drama’ going on. No matter what’s happening with anyone else, they’ve always got some bigger, crazier, scarier problem. Time to shut up, Karen! I had to change my holiday. So what? I’m lucky that I can afford to take any sort of holiday at all. I’m lucky that I’m my own boss and I can decide when I need to take time off because I have an appointment, be that for the dentist or the hair salon. I’m lucky that I have a great network of friends to moan to, be that in cyberspace or face to face over a glass of wine (or this week, several lattes). I’m lucky that I have a husband who puts up with my complaining and even brings me a cup of tea while I’m writing this.

My life is just fine – more than fine, compared with many. Tomorrow I’m off the Scottish Tattoo Convention with hubby and some friends. No ink for me – it’s the man that’s getting done. I’m going to finish off my weird week with what we ladies are reported to do best: some retail therapy. Clothes and jewellery here I come!

My kind of jewellery. I like spiders.

My kind of jewellery. I like spiders.


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