The power of ROCK!

So this week I booked tickets to see one of my favourite bands in concert – well, three of my favourite bands actually, all on the same billing. In doing so I managed to regress right back to my teenage years, except instead of hanging around on a phone or in a queue outside a record store, I was glued to my computer at the appointed time, the exact moment the tickets went on sale, in order not to miss out. Heart-stopping moments ensued: would my computer crash? Would the ticket agency be unable to cope with the overwhelming demand? Would my bank have mysteriously emptied itself of all funds just at the moment I used my card? Fortunately none of these things happened and the tickets (for two shows, yes, I am that much of a fan) were duly purchased. And I knew that all over the country, and all over several other countries, other people of all ages and backgrounds were doing exactly the same thing. And that got me thinking: why is music, particularly live music, so powerful? What makes us wind ourselves into knots over getting tickets, stand for hours in a queue in the cold and rain to get right in front of the stage, and sing and scream ourselves hoarse along with every word of every song?
Of course, if you’ve never done this, you will be a bit mystified by this post. If you have, I would love to hear about your experiences. I can’t speak for everyone else, but here’s why I do it.
Now, I love all kinds of music. But as my title suggests, this post is about rock music. I lo-o-ove rock music. It can be raucous, it can be melodic, it can be both at once. Personally I prefer it when it’s both, as I like a melody to sing along to, but with the power of a great heavy guitar riff behind it. I listen to rock in the car, when I’m cooking, when I’m cleaning…I have a huge music collection: vinyl (what? say the younger readers), CDs, and lots of downloaded music as well. But nothing beats seeing and hearing a band live. There’s something a little tribal about it. Actually, there’s something a LOT tribal about it. The band is the mystical shaman and we are the worshippers, yet when we are all singing (chanting??) together we are as one. For those couple of hours you don’t think about all the worrying day-to-day stuff, as thinking is impossible at that decibel level anyway. You just sing, dance and feel. I remember my biology teacher at school (who, funnily enough, was a rock music fan) explaining the science of it, how the vibration goes through your solar plexus and lower and excites your…no, no, I’m not going to continue with that. I’m sure you get the picture. He was, incidentally, absolutely right, especially if the lead singer is hot. *winks*
Rock music has been the common point between me and many of my friends, and has made me lots of new friends throughout my life. There’s nothing like the shared experience of queuing to see a gig to bond people together. With the advent of Facebook and Twitter, it’s much easier to keep in touch and exchange news, alert fellow fans re ticket sales, and meet up at future gigs. Even the people I’ve never met in person have in some cases become very good friends, a kind of modern-day ‘pen-friend’. (Gosh, that shows my age. Younger readers won’t know what a pen-friend is either). It’s my personal belief that this is how Facebook is meant to be used, not for bitching about people. What’s that you say? Oh yes, Facebook is for worshipping cats as well, of course.
But I digress. One final thing from me: rock music, and a few particular musicians, are partly responsible for me starting this blog, and writing in earnest. They, along with my husband and friends, helped keep me sane last year when my world seemed to be falling to bits, and inspired me to get off my a**e and start creating. I would even go so far as to describe one of them as my muse. So instead of blaming rock music for the usual selection of bad stuff, people can now blame it for the fact that I am compelled to outpour my thoughts here once a week.
I deliberately haven’t listed my favourite bands/musicians. If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you will soon find out. You can probably guess a couple of them from the photo!
On a different note (see what I did there?), this weekend I am off to a folk music gig. Variety is the spice of life!

I don't know who owns this pic, so credits to them, and The Myles Kennedy Fan Page

I don’t know who owns this pic, so credits to them, and The Myles Kennedy Fan Page


7 thoughts on “The power of ROCK!

  1. well done honey it is excellent again….but the question is what is happening with your magnificent octopus………..

  2. As you can imagine I loved this one!!! Read it while my iPod in shuffle mode played the guitar duel between two of our special guys recorded live at Wembley. Pure coincidence 😉

  3. OMG, Karen, you are like my long lost soul sister! This post could have been written for me, for my soul. I know EXACTLY what you mean. I have a few rock bands whose music have been the soundtrack of my life (and continue to be so). Some are huge names, some a little smaller. Some I know, most I don’t. But their music, their melody, their lyrics have kept me sane at times that were tough and made the highlights that much higher. I had parts of a rockband play at our wedding; and our first dance was one of their songs. Where have you BEEN all this time? We should talk!!!! 😉 So glad we connected today!!! X PS ~ very envious of *that* festival. I really, really wanted to go to it or something similar (talking in riddles here, golly) but it just wasn’t possible this year and my heart bleeds. NEXT TIME!!

    • So glad we met, and that you liked and ‘got’ this post. I’m sure some of my peers think I should have grown out of this kind of thing by now! I’m lucky in that my hubby is just as mad. 😉
      I loved you had some rock musicians at your wedding. On a sort of similar note (ha) two musician friends of ours wrote pieces for our wedding. Not rock though, surprisingly: one was a fiddle piece, the other keyboards. 🙂

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