Taking stock…

Six weeks ago I started this blog. I decided to do it because I’ve always enjoyed writing and wanted to see if I could do it on a regular basis, and hopefully hone my writing skills as well. I also hoped to amuse people, entertain them and perhaps make them think “Hey! I feel like that!” or “The same thing happened to me!” I’m so pleased that even after just a few posts, I have had several comments from people saying that what I’ve written has struck a chord with them. I’m off on a little holiday with the long-suffering hubby in a couple of days, so I thought this would be a good point to take stock of the last few weeks. So far, since becoming a blogger:

I’ve learned how to use WordPress (well, sort of!) I’ve also learned lots more about Twitter: hashtags, Monday Blogs, organising people into lists…and I’ve gained some followers for my blog and a fair few Twitter followers!
I’ve made friends with other writers around the world, and had some lovely chats, witty banter, and lots of great advice from them. I’ve been encouraged in my fiction writing – yes, I know I haven’t posted any yet, it’s coming…
I’ve discovered LOADS of new writers and books that I want to read. I intend to read as many as possible while on holiday. The Kindle Fire will be on fire!

Also during the last six weeks, I’ve lost one wisdom tooth, and gained one Kindle Fire – hubby’s present to stop me moaning about the wisdom tooth. He figured if I had a new toy to play with it would take my mind off it. Oh, and in return I made him a very happy man (not like that – behave) by booking tickets to see Black Sabbath on tour later this year.

It’s been a great few weeks, and now I’m really looking forward to my holiday. We are going away for five days, to Cheddar (yes, there really is a place called Cheddar, and yes, it is where the cheese comes from), in Somerset, England. We have been trying to get there for several years now and something always comes up. I particularly want to visit this area because I want to go to Glastonbury, and Stonehenge. I’ve read several novels set in Glastonbury and I love visiting ancient sites, standing stones and the like. I hope to be inspired. Hubby mainly wants to go so that he can eat his own weight in Cheddar cheese. Fortunately we like walking, so some of the cheese should be burned off as we explore old ruins, climb hills, and stroll to the pub…hmm, just realised that last one probably won’t result in many burned calories…
We’ll take lots of photographs. Well, what will actually happen is hubby will go about with his camera surgically attached to him, snapping away like crazy, while I mostly stand beside things ‘for scale’. For my part, I’ll take one or two photos on my I-phone and no doubt upload them to FB and Twitter IF I can get a signal – we usually end up staying in the middle of nowhere on these trips. Meanwhile, my wannabe David Bailey will take hundreds of photos and present a beautiful album of the best ones when we get back.
So I better get off this computer and do all the usual holiday preparation stuff: wash and pack clothes, make sure there is a plentiful supply of cat food for my cat-sitter (ie: helpful neighbour) to shove into my greedy cats, and make sure there’s nothing left in the fridge that will grow legs and start to walk around while we’re away. See you all in a week, guys. I promise I won’t let hubby bore you with a slide show of his holiday snaps…

Glastonbury Tor, by amusingplanet.com

Glastonbury Tor, by amusingplanet.com


6 thoughts on “Taking stock…

  1. Very good again honey a bit shorter than I was expecting……..I do not have the camera surgical attached I just search for the perfect picture and I have got a few in my time
    Anyway I am proud of you with your awesome writing

  2. You have a friendly, carefree quality to your writing that’s fun to read. This sounds like a great vacation. I’d love to see Stonehenge someday. Myths intrigue me, and Druids are mysterious enough to be fascinating.

      • Hope your husband didn’t explode from all the cheddar:) I can’t do milk. I’m like Meg Ryan in the movie French Kiss. It’s just ugly.

      • Believe it or not, hubby is lactose intolerant. But he recently discovered lactase tablets, which allow him to have things like the cheddar as a treat. He is a very happy bunny as he LOVES cheese!

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