Back To Reality…Alternative Title: Informative And Fattening

As you may have guessed from the title, I’m back from my holiday. The alternative title basically describes it! I finally got to visit two places I’ve been trying to get to for years: Glastonbury and Stonehenge. The sun shone for the whole week. And I ate about a month’s worth of yummy food during that one week, but hey, I was on holiday..!
Glastonbury is a fantastic mix of Pagan and Christian. I won’t go into masses of detail about its history, as you’re all capable of looking that stuff up if it interests you. Hubby and I visited the Abbey, and were shown round by an eccentric Archaeology Professor who could have come straight out of a book. Honestly, I’m not kidding: ill-fitting tweed suit, cravat, green socks, pork pie hat, wonderful plummy accent, and he pointed things out using his pipe. Glastonbury Abbey is a beautiful ruin, sacked in 1539 by Henry VIII when he ordered the destruction of the monasteries. It is also the supposed burial place of King Arthur and Guinevere, though this is more likely to be a publicity stunt by the 12th century monks who found the graves. The last Abbot was hanged in 1539 for refusing to accept Henry VIII as head of the church, which leads me onto the place where he was hanged…Glastonbury Tor. The Tor is regarded by many as a holy hill, and legend has it that it is the home of Gwynn ap Nudd, King of the Fairies, amongst other things. It is topped by St. Michael’s Tower, all that remains of a church that once stood there. I have wanted to climb Glastonbury Tor for years and finally got to do so, getting sunburnt in the process! And knackered, as I fully admit I’m not at my fittest at the moment, but it was worth it, as the views are spectacular. Did I come down spiritually changed? We’ll have to see…
Stonehenge was…busy, that was my first impression. Busloads of tourists of all nationalities were milling about. Compared with Glastonbury, which was relatively quiet, it was a bit of a surprise – although goodness knows why, as I’ve seen The Eiffel Tower and The Pyramids, so I know what a busy tourist attraction looks like! I guess I always thought of Stonehenge as this mysterious deserted monument, not peppered with people in bright anoraks with cameras stuck permanently to their faces (although as I said in my last post, this perfectly describes my hubby, except wearing a bright t-shirt, not an anorak. Being Scottish, he is impervious to cold). I also knew that I wouldn’t be able to walk amongst the stones themselves, as they are roped off to help preserve the site – a fact I know a lot of Pagans aren’t happy about. The fact that they are roped off does mean that you can get better photographs, and quite a few of our pics do make it look like there is no-one else around. It is an amazing place, the sheer size of these monoliths very imposing – you can see where the ‘built by aliens’ theory came from. It was fantastic to see such a well-known image for real.
So I finally got to these places, and they were everything I expected them to be. In addition, we also explored Cheddar Gorge (spooky caves), visited Salisbury Cathedral (tallest spire), and on our last day we went to the Haynes Motor Museum – yes, we had to get cars in there somewhere! I did despair slightly when I learned that hubby had taken over 250 photographs there – I think he took one of every car. I also mentioned that the trip was fattening. Here’s a breakdown:
No. of full English breakfasts eaten: 5
No. of pub lunches/dinners: 3
No. of cream teas: 2
No. of hot-chocolate-with-whipped-cream-marshmallows-and-a-chocolate-flake consumed: 1
Oh dear… At least I climbed a lot of things on the holiday (hills, gorges, towers) so I must have burned off some of that??
And now it’s back to reality (thanks to Red Dwarf for that title – British sci-fi comedy, for those who don’t know). As well as writing this, I’m busy organising this week’s workload, paying bills, all that boring stuff. Luckily today is a Bank Holiday so I’ve got an extra day off to catch up. Hubby is hammering and banging in his garage so there’s peace and quiet in the house. Time for a bacon sandwich, I think. I know, I know… I’ll just have to run up and down the stairs to work this one off.

If anyone wants to see more of the holiday pics, please visit my Facebook page, where you will find the albums. I have NOT put up all 250 of hubby’s car photographs.


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