Just do it!

I have just been indulging in my monthly magazine of choice (since I was eighteen years old): Cosmopolitan. Yes, I am a Cosmo girl. Groan, you all say. Sex tips, fashion, pictures of hot men, interviews with various celebrity women – some who are true icons, others not so much. It’s true, Cosmo has all these – always had, always will – but there is a lot more to it than that. Over the years Cosmo has raised awareness on many important topics: rape, stalking, breast cancer, testicular cancer – giving great advice to women and men. So what if male ‘Naked Centrefolds’ are part of it? I realise I will get stick for this, but I quite like looking at pictures of hot men, especially if their hotness is incidental to whatever they’re known for and great at, be that sport, music, acting…whatever. It’s like an added bonus: the swirly cream on top of the cupcake. Mmm, cupcakes…

But I digress. This is NOT about my love for Cosmopolitan mag, or hot men, but about a tip I found in this month’s issue. It appeared on the page in front of me at just the right time. It’s part of article about learning to say YES (and NO, incidentally, but the tip I’m about to quote was in the YES part). Here it is:


“People feel scared they’ll fail, but it’s only after failure you realise it’s not so bad and you survived. Sometimes the best plans take several attempts, so give them a shot”.

Quote courtesy of Robin Nixon.

Now it’s not the first time I’ve read a quote like this, but I really needed to be reminded of this today. I’ve been faffing around wondering about putting some of my fiction up on this blog, overthinking it, changing my mind, asking advice…and you know what? Just do it, Karen! So what if no-one thinks it’s good? Hopefully I’ll get some constructive feedback and improve my writing in future. It won’t be to everyone’s taste, as I tend to write in genres ranging from horror to erotica to fantasy. I have realised I don’t know as much as I probably should about editing, so I’m sure I need to learn more about how to do that. But until I get on with it I’ll never know what’s good and what’s bad. This year is supposed to be about not missing opportunities and about trying to be fearless, so here goes. I’ve created a Fiction section in my menu above, so look out for stuff appearing there now and in the future.

Below is a link to Part 1 of a story about…well, you can probably work it out. It’s not going to be too scary (or sexy), so those of a nervous disposition aren’t going to be troubled by this one. Enjoy!

More (Part 1)



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