Write, Teach, Drive (not all at once)

This blog is about co-ordinating the above three things, as I’ve done nothing else this week (or so it seems). I’ve been juggling tasks like a mad woman, but all in all it’s been a pretty successful few days.

Scotland has been quite toasty warm this week, with NO RAIN! Oh yes – I have done one other thing this week: water the garden EVERY DAY. That’s very weird in this country. The heat does make spending most of your working life in a car a bit of an ordeal. Trying to avoid using the air conditioning in the interests of fuel economy. Realising that you’re fighting a losing battle there because you’re melting. Then getting the balance right with the air con so you’re cool but not frozen to death. I had a pupil taking her test this week which always makes them extra hot and sweaty, so the air con was on freezing cold for the duration of the test. She passed, by the way – yippee!

Teaching driving can mean an erratic schedule – some people can only take lessons in the evening after they’ve finished work, for example. Unlike some part time writers I know, I can’t always do the ‘come home from work, write for a couple of hours’ thing, as sometimes I’m not home until late. But…it does mean that I often have gaps during the day when I can squeeze in some writing. Hurrah for IPhones and IPads (as well as old-fashioned notebooks) which enable me to write when I’m out and about. If the weather’s rubbish, I either sit in the car or in a café. This week I’ve been able to sit outside, as long as I can find a shady spot so I don’t get glare on the screen. One day I was actually writing at the location of a short story which I’ve recently featured on this site. Yes, the location involved a graveyard, but that doesn’t creep me out at all. (See photos below).

I was chatting to authors on Twitter about the weird places we have written in. I plan to do a separate blog on that sometime, but I must say car parks feature heavily for me, because of my other job. Never mind – there are worse things I could be doing in car parks!

If I’m at an inspirational place (NOT a car park) then I’ll take photos as well – weather permitting. Again, hurrah for smart phones with their good cameras.

So as well as teaching pupils to drive in untypical Scottish heat, I’m quite pleased with myself as I’ve still got a fair bit of writing done. I’ve edited and loaded up a short story as well as some photographs. I’ve also put up a piece of flash fiction (or maybe it could be called a poem – I’m not sure). I’ve finished the first draft of another short story. I’ve done an interview with another author for next week’s blog. This may not sound a lot to some people, but I’m pleased with it. I would like to get a bit more done to a couple of other pieces of fiction I’m working on, but we’ll see how the rest of the week goes.

My next blog will feature my first interview with another author! I’m thrilled to be hosting K.N. Lee on her blog tour to promote her book The Chronicles of Koa: Netherworld. I read her book a couple of weeks ago and loved it. Find out more about this great new author next week.

What was I saying about not having time to write after finishing work? Here I am at midnight writing this. Long-suffering hubby has made me a cup of tea and gone to bed, and I have for company a small psychotic cat that spends its time between the office, the spare room and outside. Oh well…


7 thoughts on “Write, Teach, Drive (not all at once)

  1. Don’t short change yourself, you’ve accomplished a lot this week! I’m always trying to balance a lot and I wonder why I can’t get it all done. I think the main issue is that there isn’t a clone of me lol. Squeezing in any writing among all you’ve been doing is a major accomplishment 🙂

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