My week in books and music – oh and cats, of course

Last week started off great. One of my driving pupils had a first time test pass. Happy pupil and happy me. My interview with K.N. Lee for ‘The Chronicles of Koa: Netherworld’ book launch was posted. It got some good feedback. Happy me again. Then a tummy bug of some sort kicked in and spent the rest of the week trying to spoil my fun. It’s not nice being folded up in a car with stomach ache. Yes, I know that sentence is not well-constructed. I had the stomach ache, not the car.

So when I wasn’t working I did what I always do when I’m not well. I re-read some of my favourite books. I also read some new ones that I’ve discovered since joining this wonderful world of bloggers and writers. But at one point I felt so bad that there was nothing for it – Calvin and Hobbes had to come out. You can always tell when I’m really under the weather when I go to the cartoons – or comics, as my friends overseas call them. Calvin and Hobbes is my medicine of choice. For those of you who don’t know (where have you been? Mars??) Calvin is a rascally six-year-old and Hobbes is his tiger friend. If you haven’t read any, go and do it. It may be that part of the appeal for me is that when I was Calvin’s age I had TWO imaginary tigers as friends. Also two wolves, a LOT of cats…I used to make up stories in my head about our adventures. Not much has changed, now I come to think of it…

Also this week, that amazing place called Twitter introduced me to some other writers who are also rock chicks! I knew they were out there but this week we really got chatting, swapping tales of bands we’d seen and crazy things we’d done. Long-suffering hubby was a bit bemused as to why I was singing ‘We Will Rock You’ while tweeting. (Yes, I can do that. I am great at multitasking). Queen is one of my all-time favourite bands and Freddie Mercury was an amazing singer, songwriter and frontman. Later in the year, I am off to see one of the best Freddie impersonators there is. I know some people don’t like that sort of show, but I love it, as a tribute to the original and a chance to sing those great songs at the top of my voice again. Seeing ‘Freddie’ is the cherry on top of the cupcake. The cupcake itself is seeing my current all-time favourite singer with his band TWICE in the autumn. Roll on October!

But back to the here and now. Something that came out of the interview I did was how many of us created books when we were children. Not just wrote stories, physically made them into books. My mum recently gave me a box of my stuff she found when tidying. I finally got round to having a rummage through it the other day. I found old drawings, poems, entries in school magazines…there were also awards I’d won for understanding and reciting Scots prose and poetry (puffs out chest with pride). I could do a blog just on the contents of this box (and I’m sure I will). For now, I’ve photographed a couple of my little books, written when I was very small, about – you’ve guessed it – cats. I’m nothing if not consistent. I was a crazy cat little girl before I was a crazy cat lady.

That reminds me – I also met some new crazy cat people on Twitter. Hello to everyone who has been trained to open a fridge on demand, give up the best chair, and in my case this week, give sympathy to a limping feline in the form of extra cuddles and treats. However after a few days I have come to the reluctant conclusion that the beast may not be faking it. So today looks likely to end with a trip to the vet. Cats and cars: not a good combination. Cue much yowling. I’ll just have to drown him out with rock music.

Ooh, and by the way, Freddie Mercury was a cat person. He had seven of them, I think. I’ll shut up now.


12 thoughts on “My week in books and music – oh and cats, of course

  1. Funny you should mention books you made as a kid – I found one I made at school when I was having a rummage at my Mum’s house the other week! I’ll have to post a photo of it. 🙂

  2. *waves excitedly* Yes, it’s me! And I’m still singing Queen!! Although, as I’m ploughing through edits, I’ve moved on to “Another One Bites The Dust” (ceremonial singing as I move through page by page!). It’s been so great meeting you and I adore this blog of yours although, of course, I was sorry to hear of the tummy bug. Yours, not the car’s! You’re so funny! Here’s to a long, rocking Twitter and blog friendship and I want to hear all about those bands that you’re seeing, don’t forget to blog about them. ROCK ON, Karen!!

    PS ~ I do love cats, I really do. Only my body doesn’t, it tends to erupt in hives. *Sobs* And my younger son has asthma. So we can’t have cats. We now have guinea pigs instead. I don’t suppse you know where Freddie stood on guinea pigs? (See, I can do the ambiguous sentence game to, haw haw haw). XX

    • Hello again you mad person! Thanks for your kind words about my blog. 🙂 I’m sure Freddie liked hamsters – I think he loved all animals. My kitty is currently sulking under the bed after his trip to the vet. 😉

      • OOOH NO. Is he alright? Why was he limping in the end?? Well I tell you what, I don’t know if Freddie liked guinea pigs, but our two are certainly getting acquainted with Freddie ~ they seem to like his voice. (Although I’m turning the volume down for their little ears, obviously. If I can get them doing the ‘we will rock you’ clap/chant/squeak thing, I’ll YouTube it, LOL. #justkidding)

      • If you could get the guinea pigs to do that, they would be the next YouTube sensation! Kitty has just got soft tissue damage (ie: he’s twisted his elbow) so nothing to panic about. He’s got anti-inflammatory medicine to take for the next few days. 😉

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  4. Well done honey excellent blog again……….I often think it is sometimes shocking that you got all the talent………….ie you are bloggtastic,you are an excellent wife and a brilliant driving teachy drivey teach type person ………..LOL…..keep it up you are awesome 😉

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