Places that inspire me – all within 10 miles of my home (posted using iPhone and iPad)

This is just a fun little post to test my iPhone skills! One good thing about my day job is that I do get out and about in a beautiful and interesting area. I hate rushing between driving lessons; I always give myself time to stop and chill if I can. When I get a long break I’ll do some writing – if I can park somewhere inspiring so much the better! At the moment, I’m practising using WordPress on my iPhone and iPad in preparation for my holidays! So, from my iGadgets, here’s a selection of places I get to see when I’m driving.

The Falkirk Wheel (the world’s only rotating boat lift) – beautiful night pic. Amazing engineering


Witches’ Craig (or Carly Crag) just outside Stirling – inspiration for spooky tales


Swan and cygnets on Stenhousemuir pond – just because they’re cute!


The Pineapple at Dunmore – yes, it is a building in the form of a fruit! Built in 1761, you can now stay here in holiday flats



4 thoughts on “Places that inspire me – all within 10 miles of my home (posted using iPhone and iPad)

  1. Fabulous! As the mother of two young boys, I have to say that the boatlift really captured my imagination. I’d love to check this out one day! XX Great post, rock on!

    • Thanks Nicky! This post was mainly to test blogging-from-iPhone possibilities! I wanted something short and sweet and to try uploading photos as well. I’m a bit of a technophobe so I’m glad it worked! Yes, the Falkirk Wheel boat lift is amazing. You can take a mini barge trip just to go up and down on the Wheel and a short way along the canal. 🙂

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