Light – and a little bit of dark

The last few days have been super duper. Lots of great things have happened, to me and to people that I love or admire or both. I started the week with my Sunshine Blogger Award. I got lots of great feedback and interest from that, so thank you again to Jennifer M Zeiger who nominated me, to all my nominees and to everyone who read my post and commented.

Thing is…I had that all ready to go last weekend, I just needed to hit ‘publish’ on Monday (I have kind of designated that ‘blogging day’). I was already thinking about my next post, and I confess I wasn’t feeling very sunny at all. My sub-heading for this blog is ‘My light and dark and funny and serious musings on life’ and I realise that mostly I’m not dark or serious when I write my posts. My fiction, on the other hand, is a little bit darker. But a few days ago, because of a fiction story I was trying to write, I was seriously considering making this post a lot more depressing. Here’s why:

They say ‘write what you know’, don’t they? So I started a story based loosely on an event involving members of my family – an event which annoyed me when it happened, but now I figured enough time had passed. I thought I’d had a great idea. Wrong. I wrote the barest few lines and realised that I was getting furious all over again about the incident that inspired my tale. I couldn’t write it. Then I considered telling the actual facts, but I don’t think I’m ready to do that either. I do wonder if it will be cathartic – and then I wonder if it’ll just come across as a bitter rant. So: I wrote some stuff down, and it’s staying in my file for now. Maybe one day…

Gosh, that came across a bit mysterious, didn’t it? Sorry. Normal service will now resume! One thing, though – I wonder if that’s why I do write a lot of darker fiction? Do those bits of my life manifest themselves that way, and that’s why the rest of the time I’m generally an upbeat and positive person? What do you think? Does anyone else feel their dark side comes out in their stories, when they wouldn’t show it in ‘real life’?

Anyway…as the week progressed I got a lot more cheerful, due to some encouraging feedback on my writing. Thank you everyone! Then I submitted a sample short story to a magazine and they came back saying they would like to feature my work! More news on that soon. Long-suffering hubby has had a promotion which seems to be going well. The sun came out – which is a big deal in this country – and has stayed out. Although I adore the night and its creatures, I LOVE the sunshine. And last but not least, Andy Murray became the first British Men’s Singles Wimbledon Champion for 77 years – and he’s a local boy! He hails from Dunblane, ‘just up the road’ as we say in Scotland. It was actually quite creepy; at 2 pm, when the match started, the streets just emptied of people and cars, in spite of the sun. If a stranger had been dropped into the middle of it they would have thought the apocalypse had happened.

I will also acknowledge at this point that I have been nominated for the Liebster Award by Brianna Vedsted at When I Became an Author. Many thanks, Brianna! I haven’t done my post on it yet, as it came hot on the heels of the Sunshine Blogger Award. I’m saving it for a few weeks, or everyone will be sick of me, award nominations and lists of facts about myself. 😉

I have just been interrupted by hubby, who wanted me to watch his demonstration of how to take out a contact lens. He has never been able to wear them before as his eyes were too dry, but something has changed and today at the optician he wore them for the first time. A great success, apart from the putting in/taking out part, which needs a little practice. I am now slightly grossed out at all the bloodshot eye rolling and face pulling I have just witnessed. On the other hand, it has given me an idea for a story, involving the Eyeball Monster…


7 thoughts on “Light – and a little bit of dark

  1. *waves* So sorry to hear your week was a bit dark-and-light but glad to see you posting in good spirits after all. I hear you on the family side of things and writing it out of your system…. I have a few dark things to say and I have thought many times about turning them into a book. I have a title. I have the story. But I just can’t get myself to do it. I just don’t want to fill my head with those events all over again. The blood boils. So I write cheerful rocking things instead!! You know what they say…the best revenge is to live long and to live well, ahahaahaaa!

    Congrats on the short story, that’s just simply amazing, can’t wait to hear more!!! XXXX Rock on and keep smiling. 🙂

    • Thanks for your encouraging words, Nicky! I think you might be right – not sure if reliving past events while I write about them is going to work for me. As for living well – yes, I agree and I’m trying to do that! 😉

  2. I actually wanted to do something completely different on my tablet, but your blog entries always seem to have a priority 😉 Ah, family issues… I think everyone has them, unless they don’t have a family at all – which is kind of sad, too. I do not write, at least not anymore since I was a teenager, so what I do is have a conversation in my mind with the family member who is the reason for my distress. So I get to say what needs to be said without being interrupted. Makes me feel better and nobody gets hurt. Certainly not a very clever way to deal with problems, but it helps me to get along with people whom I need to meet once or twice a year and who probably don’t like me any more than I like them…

    And I know that fussing around with contact lenses! Used to wear them for years, but I finally gave up 😉

    • Thanks for your comment, Rita. I like your ‘conversation in my head’ solution to annoying family members – I might try that in future. I think it seems a very clever way to deal with the problem!
      On another note, hubby is still fussing around with his contact lens technique. Think he could be a while getting the hang of it… 😉

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