Taking stock…Part 2

As EVERYONE must know by now, I’m off on holiday at the beginning of next week. In spite of the fact that I’m quite well organised, I will still be in an over-excited flap next Monday. So I’m pretty sure this will be my last ‘proper’ blog post until after my hols. By ‘proper’, I mean more than a few words interspersed with photos. That’s what you’re all probably going to get over the next few weeks, along with cries of “Oh my gosh I’m in the USA!” or “Oh my gosh I’m at a baseball game!” or “Oh my gosh I’m in Times Square!”… You get the idea.

Anyway, I thought this would be a good time to have a little recap of what’s been happening over the last few weeks. I did a post called Taking stock… before my last holiday, which was at the end of April. Almost three months have passed since then and I’m really pleased with what I’ve achieved in my writing world. I’ve been developing that side of things much more than my other job, quite intentionally. But that may change – more on that later…

So, writerly achievements over the last three months:

In the last two weeks I’ve had the most views and likes ever on my blog. Thanks to #MondayBlogs on Twitter for help achieving this.
I’ve done my first author interview. Thank you to K. Nycole Lee for being my first interview subject!
I’ve been nominated twice for both the Sunshine Blogger Award and the Liebster Award.
I’ve added a few pages of my fiction to my blog.
I’ve learnt lots more about WordPress, and figured out how to use it from my iPhone and iPad, which brings me to the fact that…
I’m in a serious relationship with my iPad, and his baby brother, the iPhone. Long-suffering hubby has been relegated to number three. Seriously, I lo-o-ove my iPad. I can do everything on it, including write. 😉
I’ve made many new writer and blogger friends.
I have more than 1250 followers on Twitter, and counting..!
And finally…I’m about to submit a story to feature in a new magazine! What an exciting thing to happen just before I go on hols. I’m so pleased.

When I read over my previous Taking stock… post, I realise how much has changed even in these three short months. Many thanks to all the writers who’ve encouraged and advised me. So what do I have planned once this summer trip is over and done with? Well, I intend to:

Take another driving course, as I must not allow myself to get stale in my ‘day job’.
Possibly take a creative writing course with The Open University.
Submit more short stories to magazines and anthologies.
Change the title of my blog. It’s just my name and nothing else at the moment. I need to be more creative.
Make some more tweaks to my blog: more pages, more customisation. Hubby is very impressed, as I have resisted learning about this stuff for years, and now I’m well into it!
And of course…keep writing my novel! The poor thing has also been neglected recently, so it’s time to knuckle down.

You all have my permission to nag if you catch me shirking off any of this list when I get back. Just give me a few days to get over jet lag and bore you with holiday snaps, then I’ll be right on it!
I have two other people to thank for making the first half of this year so much better than any of last year:

My bestest bud/mad pal/lemon friend – you know who you are. We are the sisters we never had. Love and hisses (she knows what this means). 😉

And of course, my wonderful hubby. Thanks for sticking with me last year through the nearest I’ve ever come to a meltdown. And thanks for being supportive of this writing malarkey. In New York, in just over two weeks, we celebrate our 15th Wedding Anniversary. Cheers babe!

Right, that’s the soppiness over with. Back to my fiction writing, and treating ‘em mean and keeping ‘em keen…

See you soon!

Karen xx


18 thoughts on “Taking stock…Part 2

    • Thanks so much, Nina! Unfortunately I don’t think we’ll have time to tour the cemetery, as this is our first visit to NY (and mine to the States, actually) so we’re going to be running around doing all the usual touristy things. Already I’m wondering if I can come back again and meet writers and other friends, and visit more unusual places. 😉

  1. Good luck with the story for the magazine! Very exciting times 🙂 and have a great holiday! I am SO jealous. I want to go back to the USA again, New York was amazing. Take lots of photos and have a safe trip

    • Thanks Lesley! I might be driving – my friends have a car we can borrow if we need it to get from A to B, I believe. The Scottish friend we’re staying with has assured me that I’ll find driving in the US straightforward, especially as I’m supposed to be an ‘advanced driver’! Hmm… 😉

    • Hello again Nicky! Hey, I’ve just realised – your comments aren’t going into spam! Hurrah!
      Thanks for your kind words, and yes, I intend to have a fabulous holiday! I believe our friends have got us tickets to see Robert Plant in Boston next week, so there’s going to be some rockin’! 🙂

  2. Have a great US visit! I always think I’ll get to a little blogging or at least posting pictures as I take them on my trips, but that just doesn’t happen because I’m busy enjoying myself. Have fun, take it all in and don’t worry about blogging 😉

    • Thanks hon! If I do any blogging it’ll probably be of an evening if we’re just chilling with our friends in their house. Although it may not make sense, as alcohol will no doubt be consumed! But yes, we will be out and about enjoying ourselves, so if I’m not on the Internet, who cares? 1 week to go – yippee! xx

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