Whole Lotta Love: Friends, Fun and Robert Plant!

Well I’m in the last few days of my holiday (sob) and I’m spending them lounging on my friends Red and Shorty’s couch. It’s been a very busy two weeks and I’ll be posting lots about Boston, New York and a ton of other things when I get back. Hubby and I have had a wonderful, if exhausting, time. As I’ve finally got a quiet moment I thought I’d do a little blog post.
(Note: I am now at home! Got started on this post on hols but didn’t finish – too busy hot-tubbing. More on that in future).

Our journey to the USA went smoothly, apart from an hour wait at US customs at Logan Airport in Boston. This was due to several flights arriving at once and there only being four staff on at customs to deal with all the passengers. Yes, this kind of thing doesn’t just happen in the UK! πŸ˜‰ We finally got through to meet a now very impatient Red hopping up and down at arrivals, wishing customs would hurry up. Much hugging all round as we had not seen each other for many years. Our drive from Boston to New Hampshire was filled with chatter and catching up on stuff we hadn’t posted on Facebook. By the time we got to NH long-suffering hubby and I had been travelling for over twelve hours, but that didn’t stop us digging into enormous steak and cheese subs and having a pint or four. We were introduced to Red’s hubby, Shorty (a genuine American, now outnumbered by three Scots, poor guy), and also to Little Red, their French Bulldog, who is the cutest thing I’ve met that isn’t a cat.

Little Red

Little Red

Straight away the next morning the holiday fun began with a visit to a genuine all-American diner for breakfast. Red had unexpectedly found herself off work for a few days and was determined to show us the delights of her adopted home. Cue serious over-eating and lots more gossiping. By the time the afternoon came round we were still too full to contemplate lunch, so we went straight on to item two on the day’s agenda: a tour of the Redhook Brewery in Portsmouth. It’s a bit of a tradition that hubby and I do brewery tours on our hols whenever we can. At Redhook, for the bargain price of one dollar, you get a tour, a souvenir glass and tasting of several different ales. Super! Afterwards, we sat at the bar and had a late liquid lunch of a few more pints (you can see the way this holiday’s shaping up, can’t you?) But that wasn’t the best bit of the day.

The best bit of the day, undoubtedly, was discovering that WE FRIENDS HADN’T CHANGED AT ALL. Oh, we all have responsible jobs now and mortgages and the like, but sitting at that bar telling stories and reminiscing and talking about anything and everything, we could have been those same students from twenty years ago. I hadn’t seen Red for about ten years and I suppose we had all secretly worried – what if we didn’t get on the way we used to? What if some of us had turned into a******s? What if we didn’t find it easy to talk to each other? After all, chatting on Facebook and over the phone is one thing, but face-to-face, staying in the same house..? No problem. We talked, laughed and yes, moaned about the same things. And people. Meow.

So a whole lotta love was felt that day (see what I did there?) Poor Shorty, who had to be at work, resigned himself to hearing about what the mad Scots had got up to every day when he came home. The next night, however, he got to join in and we all went to see Robert Plant and the Sensational Space Shifters in concert in Boston. What a fantastic gig, made more entertaining by watching the rest of the audience as well. Let’s just say some of them had, er, partaken of certain substances before attending. One girl near me was definitely dancing to the music in her own head. Robert has a massive back catalogue to choose from, but one of the highlights was a brilliant rendition of Led Zeppelin’s ‘Whole Lotta Love’.
(I did have a video of that wonderful song here, but so many videos are restricted play these days, I gave up on it. Go to YouTube – you’ll find it!)

Lots more from the USA adventure to come. You have been warned!


5 thoughts on “Whole Lotta Love: Friends, Fun and Robert Plant!

    • Thanks Nicky! Although my holiday was FAB, it’s good to be back, too. I’m busily writing here: various posts about the holiday, plus I’ve got short stories and stuff to finish. Aargh – the keyboard is red hot! πŸ˜‰

      • HAHA mine too. Computer’s on the blink again, or, to be more precise, the fan. OH is tasked with bringing some compressed air for maintenance purposes tomorrow, and I think everyone (and everything!) at this end is ready for *our* upcoming holiday… XXX Happy writing, Karen!! X

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