I’m a Broadway Baby and a West End Girl

I love musicals. There, I said it. Yes, another confession from the rock chick. I worked in musical theatre for many years and I still go to see shows whenever I can. Two weeks ago I got to do something I scarcely imagined when I was younger: I saw two shows on Broadway.


Now, to be honest, one of them was a play. But it starred Nathan Lane. NATHAN LANE!! I understand if you’re not into musical films and other such camp stuff, you might not know who he is (although the play proved he can do dramatic roles as well). BUT – most of you will know the film The Lion King. Nathan Lane is the voice of Timon, the meerkat.

Anyway, the musical hubby and I went to see was Phantom of the Opera. Some of my friends thought this was a strange choice, as both of us worked on Phantom for many months, and had seen it before from on the stage, front of house and in the audience. But there were a few reasons for choosing this one:

1: It’s the longest running show on Broadway, and it’s a classic.

2: Only a few months after we started going out, hubby (then simply boyfriend ;-)) and I went to London to see this show – aahh, so many years ago!

3: We went to see it on Broadway on our 15th Wedding Anniversary, so it seemed appropriate to choose a show with such meaning and memories from our past.

We both very much enjoyed watching it again, and had a great time soaking up the atmosphere of Broadway and Times Square.

Long-suffering hubby and I met when we worked at the Edinburgh Playhouse Theatre, which hosts many of the big musicals when they tour the UK. We have both been to London many times to see shows in the West End as well. Now we’ve been to Broadway!

So, for this week’s Music Monday, you’ve got the choice of musical or pop. Here’s the ‘title track’ from Phantom, from its 25th Anniversary at the Royal Albert Hall. Or, if you prefer, ‘West End Girls’ by the Pet Shop Boys, one of my favourite pop hits from my teens. It reached number one in 1985, the first year I went to London (to see Cats and 42nd Street). Oh, and writerly fact: apparently the lyrics were inspired by T.S. Eliot’s poem ‘The Waste Land’.

No rock this week, I’m afraid, although rock and musicals mix really well in my opinion – think Tommy, Jesus Christ Superstar, and more recently, We Will Rock You and Rock of Ages. Yes – I can see a post coming on rock opera in the future…



7 thoughts on “I’m a Broadway Baby and a West End Girl

    • You’re absolutely right, Nicky! It wasn’t really a relaxing holiday until the last few days, but it was fun. I’m not back at work until tomorrow, so I’ve had a few days at home to chill out and recover as well.
      There’s more holiday blogging to come – be warned! πŸ˜‰

  1. Good gracious, girl! That was one whirlwind vacation! I watched very carefully and with a smile as you posted your vaca photos and it appeared to me that in addition to watching Broadway hits – you did a fair bit of boozing in the bars, too! (Love ‘West End Girls’ by the Pet Shop Boys! Came out when I first learned to drive – used to blast it while driving like a teenaged fool. Ever meet those types in your line of work?)

    • It was a whirlwind, Julie – but it was brilliant!
      Yes, I meet many mad teenage drivers in my job – I can rein them in when I’m with them, but what they do once they’ve passed their test is up to them! Hopefully I can instil some kind of sense, but once they’re on their own it tends to go out the window! πŸ˜‰
      There was a fair amount of boozing during my holiday – it’s true. My friend and I regressed to our 20s, drinking habits and all. I will be blogging about the eating and drinking side of things soon… πŸ˜‰

  2. Yes indeed seeing Nathan Lane on broadway was not just special but it was very special to witness such talent close up….the roller coaster ride of emotions and maybe even a little tear for him.

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