I’m Your Gun – Tattoos, Tunes (and Trashy Humour)

Hubby got tattooed again last week – rather spontaneously. He recently started a new job and, when he left the old one, the staff gave him a voucher for our favoured tattoo studio. He was going to go there on his day off and book an appointment, but our lovely tattoo artist had a cancellation and was able to do his tattoo there and then. It was a fun piece that she was itching to do, and hubby was up for it, so off they went.

Being in the studio reminded me of when I was there last getting tattooed. Needless to say, there was a rock music soundtrack playing in the background. One song in particular got stuck in my head, and when I got home, I had to dig out the album and play it again. For this week’s Music Monday, we have Alice Cooper: I’m Your Gun.

Even non-rock fans MUST know Alice Cooper. His career spans five decades, and his iconic look and shock-horror themed stage performances are legendary. He is credited with being the first to introduce horror imagery to rock ‘n’ roll. He ‘dies’ on stage during every performance. I’ve seen his show – and it is a show, not simply a gig – and it’s awesome. The early seventies gave us such classics as ‘School’s Out’ and ‘I’m Eighteen’, but the track I’ve chosen is from the eighties. Lots of fans will poo-poo this decade, but personally I love the album ‘Trash’, and this track is fun. As I was saying, I’ve chosen it because:

1: I got tattooed to it, and you get tattooed with a gun (ah, see, this stuff doesn’t just happen by accident, you know. 😉 And apologies to those tattoo artists who don’t like the machine referred to as a ‘gun’).

2: You can jive to it.

3: It’s full of innuendo, and being brought up with Carry On films and seaside humour, I love a bit of that.

Sadly there’s no video, as it wasn’t released as a single. So you’ll just have to imagine me jiving round the living room to it. I’m so out of practice, that’s nearly as horrific as watching one of Alice’s stage shows. 😉

A selection of hubby’s tattoo artwork, and the legendary ‘gun’.


5 thoughts on “I’m Your Gun – Tattoos, Tunes (and Trashy Humour)

  1. killer ink

    I have 8 tuhtooz. I know one of them, there was Black Sabbath playing, another one had The Strokes playing. I swear I can’t remember themes of music the other times, if at all.

    Give your husband a body art brother fist bump from me.

    • I will! Hubby has 11 (I think), although 5 of them are on 1 arm and are part of a work-in-progress sleeve.
      I must admit, it was only this 1 song I remember from my last tattoo, probably because I hadn’t heard it for ages. 😉

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