What’s in a name?

Just a short post, this one, to ask a question…

I’ve been thinking about changing the title of my blog. At the moment, it’s just my name, which I’d like to keep as part of the title, if I can. But should I incorporate some witty words about what I write? Think up a catchy, alliterative title? (Which I’m rubbish at, by the way). 😉

I’m doing a bit of tweaking to my blog pages at the moment and a new title will be part of that revamp (possibly). I love blogs with witty titles that describe the writing contained within – but sometimes I find that it’s not clear WHO is actually behind the blog. Maybe some bloggers like it that way! But when so many of us are connecting on Twitter and other social media as well, it’s good to be able to link the blog with the person. That’s why I don’t want to take my name right out of it.

What do YOU think? Name? Name plus witty words? Memorable title that will leave people intrigued? Let me know – I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Karen xx

Yes, I had to get band names into the picture, didn't I..?

Yes, I had to get band names into the picture, didn’t I..?


22 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

  1. Personally, I think people connect better to a name than a witty title. Especially when you branch out from here to say Twitter. I would have been much slower on the up take, as it were, in figuring out who you were on twitter, if the title of your blog was different. Although, in wordpress you can add a tagline. Saying a few witty words there isn’t a bad idea=) But… I see you already have a bit in the tagline. If it’s totally you, keep it. People connect with what’s honestly you and personal=)

  2. You’ve got a point. 🙂
    Currently, blogs do not comprise my name. I chose the titles to hint at what they are about.
    My train of thoughts on… (miscellaneous stuff, book reviews, 10 statements, etc.)
    In a small compass (short stories)

      • My best guess is that I would actually use my name for yet another blog. I was definitely torn – having to decide on adequate blog names. 🙂

  3. I quite like it when blogs incorporate the name into it like (be prepared for some seriously rubbish off top of the head suggestions) like Karen’s Korner (I warned you) or Karen on Life etc. My blog doesn’t have my name in it mainly because when I first started it I just wanted to incorporate all the things I liked doing (and hiding behind them) and then my website with my name is more of an online ‘look at who I am and all the things I can do!’ site if someone googles me. I don’t know if that helps and I guess It depends on what it’s for. If it’s all about you and your writing then stick with the name, if it’s more about the subjects you’re writing on I’d say go with something that describes that. There’s my tuppence worth 😉

    • Thanks Anna, it is mainly about me and my writing (gosh, that sounds a bit bad – me, me , me!) so I think I’ll be sticking with my name. That’s what most people seem to be suggesting, as well. Cheers for the input! 🙂

    • Aaww, thanks! I love Billy Joel – hadn’t heard this one for a while though. Mwah!
      It looks like I’ll be staying ‘just the way I am’. Two other people have said exactly that, and nearly everyone has said just stick with my name. 🙂

  4. Okay, so here’s another answer from me.

    (1) I started my blog as Chick Lit Chit Chat and still love the name.

    However, a very wise person (Anne R. Allen who writes at http://www.annerallen.blogspot.com) wrote in a post that YOU are your brand so you should use your name as your blog title. You’ll love her website as she answers these types of questions. Here’s a link to a great post she wrote: http://annerallen.blogspot.com/2012/09/top-10-self-sabotaging-mistakes-of.html

    At first, I was very, very timid about entering social media so I felt a great comfort blogging from behind the words ‘Chick Lit Chit Chat’ but as I gained confidence, I sometimes felt really invisible. I was blogging about everyone and their books from behind the words Chick Lit Chit Chat but there wasn’t anything that said who I was unless you click on the “About” link.

    And yes, it did become hard to connect with others on other social media sites using my real name, because no one really knew who I was – they just knew Chick Lit Chit Chat.

    Not only that, there were a lot of contemporary women’s fiction titles I wanted to cover – but didn’t fit tightly into the “chick lit” genre. So I felt limited (a bit) by the title.

    (2) I changed my blog name from Chick Lit Chit Chat to Julie Valerie’s Book Blog but kept Chick Lit Chit Chat in the sub-title and added this sentence: “Chick Lit Chit Chat – Contemporary Women’s Fiction from Jane Austen to Bridget Jones” The Bridget Jones clearly says ‘chick lit’ but the Jane Austen reference allows me to slip out into the world of women’s fiction when I want to. (Also, I feel, that Jane Austen is the first chick lit writer!)

    So now (hopefully) my readers will know I’m Julie Valerie, that I have a book blog and that the chick lit genre is the focus of my book blog.

    Here’s my title and sub-title. Switch out these words:

    Julie Valerie’s Book Blog
    Chick Lit Chit Chat – Contemporary Women’s Fiction from Jane Austen to Bridget Jones


    Karen Soutar’s Blog
    [Insert catchy title here] – My light and dark and funny and serious musings on life.

    • Wow, you are a mind reader, because it’s something along those lines that I’m thinking of doing! Great minds think alike!
      Thanks for the links – I’ll check them out! 🙂

  5. Sometimes when I come to a blog and the title is too esoteric (or tries to be too clever), I have trouble figuring out what the blog is all about or who the blogger is. I’m a fan of simple & direct language to communicate. Less is more.

  6. When I started my blog, I made a huge list of phrases that seemed to represent what I cared about. I teach a class on publishing, so I wrote all the choices on the board and asked my class members to go up and put a mark by their favorites.I also showed them the titles of other blogs like mine. Most people chose “Put Some Clothes On” (which was my favorite too), but I also wanted an easy acronym–something you could text, so I settled on OMF (Open Mind Fashion). I don’t know if this’ll help you at all, but I thought the process might get you thinking. Looks like you’ll be keeping your name, which is also very good because it’s personal. I don’t post photos of myself or at least my face much, so I’m more about the topic than about myself. Thanks for a fun question, Karen!

    • Thanks for your comment, Josie – I wish I had a class to ask, that would be fun! But you and my fellow bloggers have been great with your feedback. My plan is to keep my name, but maybe tweak my tag line a bit. Cheers! 🙂

      • Thanks, Karen. And thanks for digging my comment out of spam :-). This was a fun topic, and I’m glad it helped you know for sure the right name for you! 🙂

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