My holiday in numbers (this is the last one, I promise)!

Last holiday related-post, I swear! I will start waffling about other stuff in the very near future. This post just wraps up the shenanigans we got up to when we weren’t in Boston and New York.

Also, I want to say thank you once again to our friends Red and Shorty for having us to stay. You are awesome!

Many people have commented that all we did was eat and drink – boy, did we drink! So here is a summary of food and beverage facts:

Number of visits to:

The Roundabout, an All-American diner: 2 (once for breakfast, once for lunch)

The Redhook Brewery: 1 (although we did stay most of the afternoon)

Lollycandy, a super-duper sweet shop in Dover, NH: 3 (buying American sweets for us and British sweets for Red)

Lone Oak Ice Cream, Rochester, NH : 1 (I wish we had time to visit this place more!)

Number of barbecues: 1 (although we ate the equivalent of 3 barbecues’ worth of ribs and pulled pork)

Number of restaurants eaten in: lost count

Number of pints/cocktails/glasses of wine drunk: enough to merit an intervention (Red’s words)

New delicacies discovered on our visit to the USA: Fried dough!! Eaten once at Lake Winnepesaukee, NH and once at Quincy Market, Boston

Other non-food-and-drink-related stuff (there’s not much ;-)):

Number of times in Red and Shorty’s hot tub: 4 (quite restrained, I thought)

Number of trips to a baseball game: 1 – and the Red Sox won! Woo hoo! Also, thanks must go again to Red, who patiently explained what was going on. I understand baseball now, which is more than I can say for cricket (much to my mum’s disgust – she’s from Yorkshire, the home of cricket)

Hubby and I at Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox

Hubby and I at Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox

Well, there you go. That about wraps it up for our holiday to the USA. As I’m sure you’ve all gathered, we had an amazing time. Suffice it to say, we are already planning to return, hopefully in a couple of years’ time. We are considering various places and plans for our agenda:

Toronto (yes, I know that’s in Canada, but it’s a city we’d love to visit)

San Francisco

Road trip to visit all my mad rock chick friends

Road trip to visit all my mad writer friends 😉

Hiring a muscle car for this road trip (Red’s done it before, lucky so-and-so)

So look out USA, I may be terrorising your roads in a couple of years! In a Ford Mustang!! Fast and Furious, here I come!!! Okay, okay, calm down, woman. For the moment, get back in your Ford Fiesta…


Karen xx


10 thoughts on “My holiday in numbers (this is the last one, I promise)!

  1. Julie and I had the most bizarre visit to the Roundabout Diner ever. We were there at about 9 PM, but our waitress was practically in another dimension and everything we ordered they had to open special for us…it’s dinner food! They didn’t even have coffee ready for us!


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