And The Awards Go To…

Since before my holiday, a flurry of Blogger Award nominations have been mounting up. Gosh, that’s a boastful way to start a post, isn’t it? Sorry! I’m going to cheat a bit though. I’m not going to nominate other bloggers this time around, as it’s only a few weeks since I did that for the Sunshine Award. But I do want to say THANK YOU to the wonderful bloggers who nominated me. Here they are:

1: Briana at When I Became an Author, who nominated me for the Liebster Award. Sorry it’s taken me so long, Briana! As the title suggests, Briana’s blog is the story of how she became an author, what she’s writing now, and all kinds of other titbits. Go visit!

2: Lily at Lilicasplace, who nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award AND the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award – isn’t she generous! Lily is telling a very personal story on her blog at the moment – visit her and show your support.

3: Richard at richardankerswrites, who nominated me for the WordPress Family Award. Richard writes AMAZING poetry and has lately started teasing us with bits of prose as well. Take a look – I guarantee there will be a poem for you.

4: And just last week, Jennifer M. Zeiger also nominated me for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. This is the second award Jennifer has nominated me for as well. What a supportive lady. Pop over to her blog and check out her adventure stories, which allow the reader to interact with the tale!

As some of these awards call for me to say a few things about myself, here they are (I’ve done 11 facts, as I’m going with the Liebster Award requirements):

1: I have written more in the last 6 months than in the last 6 years (thanks in no small part to writers like those above, who have encouraged me).

2: I love cheese and tomato sandwiches.

3: I can speak a very tiny amount of Gaelic…

4: …and a slightly larger amount of French.

5: I love Ancient Egypt, not least because (yes, here’s the cat fact) they worshipped cats!

6: I can’t be bothered with seafood – lobster, mussels etc. Too much fiddling about for too little reward. But I love all kinds of fish.

7: At Halloween, I always carve a pumpkin to light and put in the window.

8: I’m a ‘night person’ rather than a ‘morning person’.

9: I can’t roll my tongue.

10: I can do the splits (as long as I’ve warmed up).

11: I’m not scared of wasps, but daddy-long-legs freak me out a bit.

Briana asked me the following questions for the Liebster Award. As she took the time to think up questions, I’m going to answer them! Bet you thought I’d forgotten all about it, eh Briana? 😉

1: What is your favourite part about winter?
Curling up in my cosy house with a good book. And Christmas.

2: Where do you see yourself living in 5 years?
Where I am just now, or possibly somewhere even more rural!

3: How many books are in the room you’re in right now?
Well…below is a panoramic pic of the room I usually work in. The photo doesn’t show from floor to ceiling, but you get the idea. I estimate there are well over 500 books in this room.


4: Look in your wallet/purse, is there more money or receipts in there?
At the moment there’s more money, but that’s only because I had a receipt clear out recently!

5: What was your first paying job?
Dancer in pantomimes and musicals at my town theatre.

6: Favourite vegetable:
Hmm, there are a few…I’ll go with carrots.

7: How long have you had your blog?
6 months.

8: What is the best dream you’ve ever had?
Couldn’t possibly say – it’s X-rated! Actually, no – I sometimes dream that I can fly. That is AWESOME.

9: What did you have for dinner last night?
Fish, chips and mushy peas. Well, it was Saturday night!

10: Are you happy right now?
Yes. Not having to worry about money would be great, but that’s just part of life.

11: If you could change one thing about your appearance, what would it be?
You mean apart from the stuff I could actually change if I got off my a**e? 😉
I would like to be a bit taller.

Thanks once again to the fantastic bloggers and writers who nominated me for these awards. I am inspired by you guys every day.

Karen xxxx (That’s a kiss each).


6 thoughts on “And The Awards Go To…

  1. What a lot of hugely well deserved awards! We’d get on well together, Karen. Night owls with complementary phobias (you take care of the wasps, I take care of the daddy long legs) and a love for rock music. YAY! Congrats ~ you’re definitely making fabulous waves in the blogosphere, go you! Rock on! XX

    • Thanks Nicky! I know, I’m such a practical girl usually, it’s totally irrational not to like daddy-long-legs. It’s the legs, the whirring, the random movements – eek!
      I am now off to listen to Dan’s tracks on your post. Getting excited for Thursday (although not as much as you are, I’m sure!)

  2. Congratulations, Karen. What an achievement! Mathair and I are new to your blog, as we found you by way of our dear friend Jennifer M. Zeiger, but we are already fans of yours. Love your blog and your answers. We’re definitely night owls ourselves, though Mathair can go much longer than me without sleep. I’m a required eight hours girl or there’s no dealing with me the next day. And, we’ve always wanted to learn Gaelic. Mathair’s family is where we get our Celtic roots, and it’s quite a large Irish family on her side, but no one speaks it fluently. Wishing you the best of your holiday and much deserved success with your blog.

    • Thank you so much for your lovely words! I also found your blog through Jennifer. I love the way the blogging community supports each other – something I totally didn’t know about when I started.

      Rest assured, my Gaelic is limited to the ‘hello, how are you, where’s the pub’ variety!


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