Temptation…and Inspiration

Photographs are a constant source of inspiration to me. Along with music, they spark a lot of my ideas, especially for flash or short fiction.

I don’t usually put my fiction on my blog home page, but for a change, I’ve included a little excerpt below, along with the photograph that inspired it.

I’m mostly writing erotica, or at least, sensual pieces, at the moment. That seems to be the way my mind’s working, just now! I’m sure lots of people would say I’m having a mid-life crisis. 😉 I’ve liked to read ‘sexy stuff’ ever since my teens, and I’ve always made up my own scenes in my head. Over the past year, I started writing them down properly. I discovered that I enjoyed writing them, and some people thought I was quite good at them, so that encouraged me to keep going.

But this isn’t about writing sexy scenes. It’s about inspiration.

The photograph inspired me to write the lines featured below, along with the fact that it was the autumnal equinox. I was thinking about autumn, and apples ripening – maybe because we have an apple tree in our garden. I remembered that I had saved this photograph some weeks ago. I took another look at it, and the word ‘temptation’ immediately entered my head. I thought about how Eve tempted Adam with the apple. I certainly find the young man in the photograph tempting! I imagined the apple tree above him. Like a movie playing in my head, I saw the serpent slither down the tree…and I started writing.

That’s one example from my creative process. I’ve realised that I do ‘picture’ what I’m describing, whenever I’m writing – not just when inspired by photos. Sometimes that’s to see if what’s flowing from my pen (or keyboard) actually works. In this case, the photo was a jumping-off point for all kinds of other images. When I’m inspired by a piece of music, I find the same thing happens: the image of what the song or melody means to me appears in my head.

Of course, I’m inspired by all kinds of other things as well: people and incidents from all walks of my life, paintings, quotes…the list is endless.

To my writer friends: where do you get your ideas from? Do you ‘see’ what you’re writing? What’s the strangest thing that’s inspired you? Fellow music lovers: does a song or piece of music ever create an image in your mind? Is it ever different to the story the lyrics are telling?


Photo courtesy of @LapsedSaint on Twitter

Photo courtesy of @LapsedSaint on Twitter

I am Eve.

He lay on his back under the trees, forbidden as the fruit all around him. His body dappled, the light struggling through the dense branches. One hand held an apple; the other shaded his eyes. The blankets he lay amidst artfully covered him, but even in the dim light I could see he was naked.

They were always to be found in the orchard, at this time of year. Young men, mostly, doing it for a dare.

I am Eve. The thought ran through my mind again, as my mouth watered in anticipation. The serpent whispered. I could already taste the fruit…the sin…him.

Leaves scrunched as I moved closer. He stirred, but didn’t look. I touched the tree, bark scratching my palm. The serpent uncoiled, slithered, tempted. Reaching out, my fingers alighted on smooth skin, over firm flesh.


So…who am I? What am I touching? (Not that – naughty people). What’s going to happen? I don’t even know myself yet. I have a few endings in mind… 😉


23 thoughts on “Temptation…and Inspiration

  1. You definitely have it in you. 🙂
    I imagined you touching the serpent – before I read your questions. And I am already tempted to read the story when it is finished.

  2. You are daring, and sensuous, and excited, and giggly. You are Karen, and Eve, and every woman. I love it! As for inspiration ~ I draw inspiration from music, both the melody and the lyrics, although not necessarily at the same time. A snatched phrase here or there may trigger a whole novel! Great post, I loved that photo….

    • Thanks Nicky. This was one of those fairly spontaneous posts that’s had a great response. I am unsurprised to find that you are inspired by melodies and lyrics, my rock chick friend! I’m intrigued though – are you speaking from experience? Which snatched phrase triggered which novel? Hmmm…

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  4. Ditto! I love Pinterest for the beautiful pics and often save them for future inspiration blocks aka writer’s block! As for music – love that it can transport you right back to another chapter in your life. Powerful stuff 🙂

  5. Now that I can think clearly….(What an Image!) I tend to do this same thing when I see an inspirational photo/image…only I usually end up writing a poem.
    LOL The entire office LOVED this post by the way 😉

    • Ha ha, I know, that photo is a bit distracting, isn’t it? 😉
      Sometimes I end up writing a poem, too. I’m not very confident writing poetry. I’m about to do a creative writing course, part of which covers poetry, so I’m looking forward to that.
      I’m so pleased and flattered that the office loved my post! 🙂

  6. Well written, Karen. I completely get the ‘picturing’ what you’re writing thing. If I don’t have a picture in my head, the story just doesn’t flow.

    Good luck with this story. You’ve got a great start=)

    • Thanks! Well, due to my creative writing class giving me ideas, I’ve started outlining the next part. It might go off in a different direction to where I thought it was going to go…let’s see! 🙂

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