Three more weeks to Halloween…

Slightly misquoting a movie there, but I’ve had to begin a countdown to Halloween as there’s so much going on this year. The day itself is important in our household, with preparations to be made and rituals to be followed. But this year, lots of writerly things are happening as well!

My friend Jennifer M Zeiger, together with eight other writers, is publishing an anthology of short stories and poetry on Halloween. The book is called Midnight Abyss and having tried a sample, I can’t wait to read it! I’ll be interviewing Jennifer on my blog on Halloween, where we’ll discuss Midnight Abyss, writing scary scenes, and other stuff that goes bump in the night…

From the start of November (if our cauldron comes to the boil at the right moment), I’ll be guest blogging on Mari Wells‘s The Witching Hour. So looking forward to sharing my love of all things witchy and Scottish. I’ll be talking about a local legend, stories from around Scotland, witch trials, and witches in Scottish literature. This is giving me a great excuse to a) read all my favourite witch stories again and b) jaunt off to spooky locations in the name of ‘research’.

As if all this wasn’t scary enough, my first assignment for my Creative Writing course is due on…yes, you guessed it, Halloween! Why do these things always come along at once? Magic potion required; to give me extra arms to do all the typing/writing/drinking of wine pumpkin juice.

Anyhoo…one of the things we’ve been encouraged to have a go at, on my writing course, is haiku. I don’t think I’m very good at it yet, but it’s actually quite fun! So here’s a cheery Halloween haiku to be going on with. There may be spookier ones later.

Carved grinning pumpkin
Beckons from friendly window
Come, Trick-or-Treaters!

Although…that could read a bit like the story of Hansel and Gretel. Trick-or-Treaters lured to their doom. I’m sure that must have been done before..? *writes down story idea anyway*

(That is the actual pumpkin that was flickering in my window last year).

Something wicked this way comes… 😉

Karen xx


11 thoughts on “Three more weeks to Halloween…

    • I know, and to top it all I’m away the week before Halloween, so I have to be extra organised and have everything prepared before I go! Does the world not know my favourite method of preparation is last minute panic?! 😉

  1. The cauldron will boil at the correct moment. If not we will make it. 😀 lol. I can’t wait for you to guest on my blog.
    And I love Halloween, I have to get me some pumpkin juice 😉 and a copy of that Anthology.

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