Three more days to Halloween…

I’m back from my mini break! That was a mad week, but lots of fun. First time I’ve been to a show five nights in a row for a long time. I now need a holiday to recover from my holiday.

My rock friends have asked me to blog about the gigs. I will, once I’ve got my head on straight, my hearing back and my photos sorted. Although there was a camera malfunction, so I may have to use a friend’s photos, for which full credits will be given, of course!

Blackpool was a blast – and I was out and about in a t-shirt most of the time! What’s that about? Sunshine at the British seaside? Unheard of. I do have photos of that, to prove it.

Now I’m busily completing my first assignment for my Creative Writing course, which is coming along well *jinxes self*, and getting ready for Halloween. Yesterday I bought the pumpkin and several bags of sweets and chocolates. Hubby keeps threatening to put apples and grapes in the trick-or-treat bowl. I say that I don’t want my reputation as the coolest house on the street ruined, or worse, a firework put through the letterbox, so he can just behave himself. The trick-or-treat bowl is really an orange bucket, decorated with webs and spiders. I also found fake eyeballs to drop in it this year. I hope some kid doesn’t eat one…I’ll need to keep counting them. I did let one little girl have one of my rubber spiders last year. I don’t think she believed it was edible.

We have a Halloween ritual in this house which started the first year we lived here – nearly ten years ago. In the afternoon, I put on my Halloween Party CD (Monster Mash, anyone?), carve the pumpkin and get the sweets ready. Hubby decorates the porch and doorway with various grinning skulls, strings of spider lights, and day-glo skeletons. As darkness falls, I light the pumpkin, which sits in the front window, plus lots of other candles, and switch off all the house lights. Wine is poured into spooky-shaped goblets, and we settle down to wait for trick-or-treaters, and watch our movie selection. No, not the ‘Halloween’ films, but our own little montage that we love. It begins with ‘Hocus Pocus’, because if kids catch a glimpse of this they won’t see anything too scary. Plus Bette Midler is awesome in it. As the evening progresses, we move on to ‘The Crow’. The whole look of this film is amazing, and it has a great soundtrack. RIP Brandon Lee. Finally, we finish with the little-known, but so much fun ‘Trick or Treat’. Hubby introduced me to this movie not long after we met. It’s about Eddie, a misfit kid in high school who loves rock music (identify much, hubby?) and is bullied because of his musical tastes and how he dresses. His world falls apart further when his favourite rock star, Sammi Curr, dies in a fire. Eddie acquires a master copy of Sammi’s last album from the local rock radio DJ – played by Gene Simmons! When Eddie plays the record backwards, he raises Sammi from the dead. (See, I knew there was a reason you shouldn’t do the backwards playing thing). This is great at first, as they take revenge on the bullies, but it soon goes horribly wrong, especially at the high school Halloween party… With a cameo from Ozzy Osbourne himself and a fantastic cheesy rock soundtrack by Fastway, this is the perfect movie for lovers of Halloween and rock music, like me!

So that’s what I’ll be doing on Halloween. How about you? Do you have any Halloween rituals? Or do you hide in the house with all the light off, hoping the pesky kids will go away? 😉

One lady who’ll be telling us about her Halloween is Jennifer M Zeiger, who along with eight other writers, publishes the anthology Midnight Abyss on the day itself. The book is a collection of dark fantasy and horror stories – I’ve sampled a few, and some are definitely scarier than others! Pop over to her blog to find out about the other authors and read some teasers. I’ll be interviewing Jennifer here on my blog on Halloween, chatting about Midnight Abyss, writing rituals, and trick-or-treating! So don’t forget to put down the sweets/candy/whatever you want to call it, and stop by for a visit. I promise I won’t let you try and eat a plastic eyeball…

Pic from Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas

Pic from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas


11 thoughts on “Three more days to Halloween…

  1. Can’t wait to hear more about the gigs! Loving the sound of your Halloween ritual, can I come? I promise I won’t play a trick, LOL. We haven’t really got a ritual as such. Our biggest problem is being at home for trick-or-treaters whilst simultaneously taking the kids trick-or-treating. Hahaha! Good luck with your assignment, you’ll ace it!

    • Thanks Nicky! I know what you mean about the being at home versus going out thing. Our neighbours take it in turns: 1 year dad goes out with the kids while mum stays home, then vice versa.
      Have a rockin’ week! Can’t wait to read the novella – hurry up Friday! xx

  2. I grew pumpkins this year in our garden and they were huge and so we decorated the front of the house with them – we’ve got a ghost hanging outside, fake headstones – just all fun stuff. Love having these types of traditions!

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