Bugger all that. Let’s curse somebody.

Apologies for the mild swear in the title. Even my mum says bugger, and she’s very proper, so I reckon it’s okay. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Follow the link to my third post on Mari Wells’s The Witching Hour! This week we have the North Berwick Witch Trials, which kicked off a wave of witch hunting all over Scotland.

My title quote this week is trickier. Clues: an English writer, some of his books feature witches, and they’re not of this world… Can anyone name the author? For extra brownie points, can you name the character and the book?

Read more: Mari Wells: The Witching Hour – The North Berwick Witch Trials

Pic courtesy of artteasemagazine.com

Pic courtesy of artteasemagazine.com


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