“Weel done, Cutty-sark!” And in an instant all was dark…

I couldn’t leave a series of posts on Scottish witches without mentioning The Bard, could I? I’m not even going to ask you where the above quote comes from, as it’s glaringly obvious once you’ve read the piece.

There’s also a little bit about a famous Highland Seer. I may do more on him in the future…

By the way, last week’s quote was indeed from Mr Terry Pratchett – ‘weel done’ to those who got it right. Said by Nanny Ogg, in the book ‘Wyrd Sisters’.

So follow the link to my final guest post for Mari Wells (sob).

Read more: Mari Wells: The Witching Hour – The last of Karen’s Scottish Witches…

Pic courtesy of artteasemagazine.com

Pic courtesy of artteasemagazine.com


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