Industrial Inspiration

I’ve wanted to use this photo for a while. I took it when I was at The Hydro, Glasgow’s new arena, which is down on the riverside. This is the Finnieston Crane, no longer in use but now an amazing landmark and reminder of Glasgow’s industrial heritage. It is the largest of four remaining cantilever cranes along the river Clyde, and was used to lift heavy locomotives. (If you like engineering stuff and want to know more about it, click the link). πŸ˜‰

Finnieston Crane, Glasgow, on a rare sunny autumn day

Finnieston Crane, Glasgow, on a rare sunny autumn day

Here’s a haiku I wrote when looking at this photograph:

Shipyard sentinel
His day gone and forgotten
Still proud in the sun

I’m getting into this poetry thing! I actually wrote this haiku ages ago, when I took the photo back in October. I hope to share some longer poems with you soon. I’ve got a few in progress.

Strange thing: writing poetry has also inspired me to start drawing again, something I haven’t done in years. One of my work-in-progress poems conjured up an image which I just had to draw. Weird, huh?

Also, just to show I’ve not gone completely poetry-daft, I’ll be sharing a new story on Mari Wells‘s blog in February. Mari is celebrating the festival of Lupercalia with stories of werewolves, so watch out for me there…


6 thoughts on “Industrial Inspiration

  1. Not photographed that particular giant…yet.. but love the light that reflects off these industrial monsters. There’s 3 smaller ones that I pass every day. Wonderful reminders of the area’s maritime heritage.
    Love the haiku. Perfect for the photo.

  2. Awesome photo, Karen and an even better Haiku. Mathair and I have done a few poems, but ours are very lyrical. Can’t wait to check your story out on the blog and loved the last one we saw on Mari’s about Scottish witches.

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