Our new arrival. As you can see he's settled in quite well...

Our new arrival. As you can see he’s settled in quite well…

Well, it had to happen, didn’t it? As some of you know, we lost our beloved Jet Cat last month, at the grand old age of 17. We hadn’t planned to get another cat quite so soon, but cats have a way of finding their way to the home that’s meant for them. As Terry Pratchett says, I think some kind of agency sends them. 😉

So, the cosmic cat rehoming scheme channelled itself through a friend on Facebook. This friend’s friend’s sister(?!) had ended up with a lovely cat stuck in her cattery. The owner had been in hospital, but was unfortunately going to have to enter residential care. My friend messaged me and tentatively asked would we be interested, or did we know of anyone else who would like a cat.

It had become apparent that our Bengal, Sam, was really missing his older ‘brother’ and needed a companion sooner rather than later. So this seemed like fate. I phoned the cattery. My main concern was that, as a Ragdoll/British Shorthair cross (both very laidback breeds), he would find our bouncy Bengal a bit much. He also hadn’t lived with other cats before, although he had been used to going outside. After a lengthy conversation with the lovely lady at the cattery, hubby and I went to meet the cat. Kitty was understandably a little nervous, but we decided to give it a try. Cattery lady agreed that if things just didn’t work, we could bring him back to be rehomed in a single cat household.

That was ten days ago. New kitty proved quite the trooper. He was a bit scared, but every day came out of his shell and explored more. From day one he was very affectionate. He also goes to the kitchen with you whenever you visit that room, in the hope of an extra meal. Hence Frodo – hobbits – second breakfast, and all that. (He did have another name, but it wasn’t very original, and cats don’t pay any attention whatever you call them, anyway). After a few hisses and tussles, he and Sam have got used to each other. Sam does bounce on Frodo a bit too boisterously sometimes, but Frodo holds his own. He has also met Sooty, our completely bonkers and antisocial little black female puss. They only met briefly, but Frodo survived to tell the tale, which is something! Sooty avoids other cats as much as possible, but she appeared to only mildly dislike Frodo, which is a good start. 😉

Sam is nearly five years old, Frodo is six, so let’s hope they have many years together getting on my nerves, which is what they were doing this morning. I was trying to do my accounts, but was distracted by chirping, purring, running, jumping and general mischief. It was great! 🙂


15 thoughts on “Introducing…Frodo!

  1. Congrats on your newest addition and our condolences for your loss, Karen. I have an orange tabby named Peaches and I don’t know what I’d do without him. We have dogs, but Mathair and I definitely more cat lovers. Wishing you the best with yours. 😉

  2. Sounds like the “cosmic cat rehoming scheme” (smile) is turning out well for all. Love the name Frodo (and the story behind his name). After we lost our beloved Gator (at 12), the house was way to quiet so in came a brother and sister kitten-duo sooner than we thought. They just turned a year old on Friday and our orange guy does the flop-sprawl that Frodo does (and purrs like a maniac when you rub his belly). Furry four-legged friends are so much fun (even when they are in mischief mode). Enjoyed the post, Karen.

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