The Change Part 1 by Karen Soutar

Part 1 of a new story by me, for Mari Wells’s Werewolf Month. Thanks for featuring me, Mari. Part 2 tomorrow!

Mari Wells

I’m so  happy to have Karen Soutar here. She’s an amazing writer, I love her werewolf and witch pieces on her blog. When I decided to dedicate this month to Werewolves, I knew Karen had to be a part of it.

The Change (Part 1)

I dropped to my knees, panting. What the hell was wrong with me? A walk in the park to get rid of my headache and bad temper clearly wasn’t going to work.

My bones ached. My skin was too tight, like I had sunburn. I wanted to cry and scream and hit someone. This was more than just PMT. I had run from the house irritable and angry; now I felt ill. Maybe I should go back. What if it was something serious? I hunted in my pockets for my mobile phone. Damn, I had left it behind. That showed what a state I was…

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