Busy, dizzy, and a little bit fizzy

Just like Frodo the cat, who is really old enough to know better, I’ve had one of those ‘chasing my tail’ weeks. Entirely self-inflicted, due to taking on exciting new projects (as well as all the stuff I was originally doing). 😉

Frodo pausing mid tail chase - daft cat.

Frodo pausing mid tail chase – daft cat.

So: on the driving/road safety side of things, at the weekend I took part in an Under 17s Driving Experience at Knockhill Race Course, Fife. What a day of fun for the kids and the instructors. These experiences are designed to give 14-16 year olds a taste of the basics of driving, before they come to do their on-road lessons. Family and friends can watch and take photos, happy in the knowledge that their little darling is off-road, in a safe environment. I would be doing another one in May, except…

I’ve been chosen as the lead trainer to deliver road safety presentations to the Commonwealth Games volunteers! I had a busy few days last week preparing for the ‘audition’, and was well chuffed to hear that I was successful. So my May weekends will be full with this, but I don’t mind as it’s a great opportunity, and I’m fizzing with excitement about it! 🙂

On the writerly front, last week I agreed to be a reviewer for a friend’s music website. Why not? A few more hundred words per week won’t kill me! Just completed my first one and sent it off. Of course, I may be no good as a reviewer at all. But it’s great to try new things.

As well as that, I have another assignment to do for my Creative Writing course. That’s where you can help, writer and blogger friends. I need names of magazines (e-zine or print) to which I can submit short stories of approximately 2000 words. I’m ideally looking for publications that accept fantasy, paranormal, or horror. If you have any suggestions, please leave me a comment.
Also…if any of you naughty writers know of magazines accepting erotica stories, let me know. I’m sitting on a story that really needs a home other than my blog. I’m not allowed to use erotica as part of my course assignment (and the story is too long at over 3000 words), but for my own research I’d love to hear any suggestions. I’ve been investigating possible publications myself, but would be very grateful if anyone has any ideas. Mwah! in advance.

Now to get back to writing all these stories I intend to submit, and practising my road safety presentation on the cats, since hubby’s at work. If I bribe them with treats they’ll sit on the couch and pretend to listen. Only thing is, they may chase the moving cars on the slide show. Not the kind of audience participation I’m expecting, but never mind!


9 thoughts on “Busy, dizzy, and a little bit fizzy

  1. Wow you are busy! That’s great about the music reviews. Good luck with all of it! 😀
    For the paranormal/fantasy/horror short stories, a little while back I did similar research and started my own little directory, so maybe these will be of use:

    Andromeda -http://www.andromedaspaceways.com/submissions.htm
    Apex – http://www.apex-magazine.com/submission-guidelines/
    Ares – http://aresmagazine.com/?page_id=46
    Lightspeed – http://www.lightspeedmagazine.com/about/guidelines/
    Nightmare – http://nightmare-magazine.com/about/guidelines/
    Strange Horizons – http://www.strangehorizons.com/guidelines/fiction.php
    Buzzy – http://buzzymag.com/submissions/
    And there’s the big big guns – Clarkesworld and Interzone

    Phew! There’s loads out there but sadly not many are British. I’m building quite a nice little rejection collection 😀 Good luck, keep us all posted!

    • Thanks Jenny, for taking the time to list all these suggestions. Really appreciated! I know a couple of them but some are new to me – I’ll start checking them out! xx

  2. Whatever it is you’re drinking or eating to keep yourself going, fizzing, and rocking all the way… I want some, please! Way to go you, I salute you. Rock on! XX 😉

  3. I refuse to add anything and enable this frenetic lifestyle. Instead, I encourage more sitting around. You could even put your feet up, too.

  4. Such a cute pic, Karen. Good luck with all of your writing ventures. My little brother just started learning to drive and I have to tell you that you’re a much braver woman than I am, because I told him I wouldn’t get into a car with him or even be in the same county as him when he’s behind the wheel. LOL

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