Of Friends and Vampires

And I’m done! Open University Creative Writing course complete, final assessment handed in. It’s been a blast, and I’ve learned so much. Guess I’d better put it into practice… ๐Ÿ˜‰

So what now? Firstly, thank you to everyone who supported me on the course, including my tutor, and my fellow course participants. An extra big thank you to long-suffering hubby, who put up with me disappearing to write, complaining when coursework was difficult, and telling him (in much more detail than he wanted) when a story was going well. Thanks to all my friends and fellow bloggers and writers, who advised, encouraged, and read.

Next up, I’m guesting on This One Time…, on Wednesday 11th June. This blog belongs to the ‘Beer and Bacon Babes’ Writers’ Group – great name, ladies!
Erika Gardner kindly invited me to write something for this wonderful blog. Thank you! I’ve been given five prompts, all very different, so who knows what I’ll come up with. The idea is simply to get the creative juices flowing, so it could be a – short story? Flash fiction? Poem? I don’t know yet either!

Then, during June, I’ll be getting my vampires in order, ready to feature on Mari Wells‘s blog. Mari is having a Vampire Month in July, and I have some stories for her. My vampires are:

Definitely NOT sparkly

Good and bad


And there’s a witch too – of course there is!

Here’s a haiku and a pic, to get you in the mood:

She pierces my flesh
My heart already impaled
Dying to join her

Pic courtesy of phatpuppyart.com

Pic courtesy of phatpuppyart.com

Mmm, naughty vampire. Right, I better go and sort these vamps out. They’re up to all kinds of shenanigans at the moment. Editing required. Don’t you just love it when your characters have a mind of their own? Time to get out the garlic…


6 thoughts on “Of Friends and Vampires

  1. At Vampire July, we like crazy vampires! I can’t wait to see what you have! LOL, SoS vamps (Sexy or Scary) are the best vampires, mine don’t sparkle either.

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