World On Fire! It’s Music Monday and it’s hot hot hot!

I LOVE a bit of heat! Yes, there is a double meaning to that. 😉

Let’s get the weather out of the way. This week has been toasty, even when it’s been raining. Since we bought an air conditioning unit a few years ago, this is not a problem when it comes to a good night’s sleep. As for the daytime, bring on the heat! The car is air conditioned, too. Shades on, visor down. When not working, I’ve actually been able to sit in the garden. Sometimes with a beer.

World On Fire album artwork. Bonkers.

World On Fire album artwork. Bonkers.

So, the other kind of hotness…my fave rock musicians Slash, Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators have just released their new single ‘World On Fire’. It’s AWESOME! Link is below. Rock fans – give it a listen. Amazing guitar from Slash (duh) and fantastic vocals from Mr Kennedy and his back up singer (and bassist) Todd ‘Dammit’ Kerns. So much talent in this band. No video as yet, but I’m sure there’ll be one soon. In the meantime, feast your ears!
I can’t wait until the full album comes out in September. I also can’t wait to hear this high energy track live. Unfortunately, this won’t happen until December. Oh well, it’ll heat up the chilly Scottish winter.
(Warning to sensitive people: there is a pretty obvious swear towards the end. I love it when Mr Kennedy swears – he’s the nice boy of rock ‘n’ roll, so it always gives me a thrill when he’s bad. And it fits the song. So there.)

Todd, Myles, Slash and Brent. Too much talent and hotness in one band.

Todd, Myles, Slash and Brent. Too much talent and hotness in one band.

Also on the subject of hotness: checking my stats for the last week, you know what people have been searching for? Sexy poems. Well well. As it happens, I have a few of those on here, and some more waiting to be added. Must be something in the air… 😉


5 thoughts on “World On Fire! It’s Music Monday and it’s hot hot hot!

  1. Okay….no joke, we just had a discussion regarding Slash like three days ago!! It was our fathers day celebration dinner with our family the Carapazza’s. The youngen’s there, decided to discuss who and what the best guitar lead was!! Jimmy Page was mentioned to which I smiled and bowed cuz yeah…he’s Jimmy Page!!! Then, Someone actually had the nerve to say Adam Levine to which I laughed!!! Someone rightly brought up, John Mayer…okay, nice! But I told them, none of them can touch Slash’s lead in Sweet Child O’ Mine!!! And I’m a guitarist so I know!!! So for you Karen, we like minded Slash lovers can swop Slash leads!!

    • Ha ha, that’s awesome! Sweet Child O’ Mine is a classic – one of my all time favourite tracks. I love this new one though – such high energy. Roll on December when I get to see them live again! 🙂

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