An Arresting Weekend (yes, that’s a really bad pun)

Some people think my day job consists of me careering around on two wheels, shouting at unfortunate learner drivers. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Being a driver trainer is not as exciting/terrifying as folk believe. And sometimes I get to do different stuff. Last weekend I was privileged to be part of the Road Safety Scotland Village at the Royal Highland Show. My colleagues and I spent the weekend:

Promoting Road Safety in all sorts of ways

Engaging with and educating the public

Having fun

Taking silly photos of each other

Oh dear...

Oh dear…

So what is a Road Safety Village? Well, ours consisted of:

Police Scotland, with a variety of cars, a ‘seatbelt convincer’, and the mobile speed camera van

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents

The Fire Service, with their cutting tools

AA Driving School (that’s me!)

…and many more organisations dedicated to making our roads safer for all users.

We spent the weekend talking with people about such things as:

The importance of driving at an appropriate speed

The effects of drink driving

What to do if you’re first upon the scene of an accident

Why it’s important to use seatbelts, and VERY important to make sure child seats are correctly fitted and secured

All extremely serious stuff, which can be very dry. If a little bit of light-heartedness can be introduced here and there, it actually benefits the message, as people just switch off if you’re preachy. Hopefully we gave people some valuable information, as well as lots of useful freebies such as tyre tread checkers, reflective stickers (kids loved those), and all kinds of pens, keyrings, posters and whatnot.

The kids had their own Safety Mascot, Ziggy. (There’s a pic of me with him, below). This meant some unfortunate person had to wear the Ziggy suit over what was a VERY hot weekend. On Saturday, we had some lovely young helpful Police Volunteers. They all got bundled into the suit at one time or another. That’s what teenagers are for, aren’t they?

We grown ups love playing with police cars as much as the kids. I was told by a colleague to get in the back of the car and look sad. This didn’t work very well, as I was having too much fun. We also had a look in the speed camera van, sat on the quad bikes (quad bike safety was being promoted, giving that the Highland Show is primarily a farming event), and in my case, chatted up some firemen. My penchant for firemen has become a standing joke among my Road Safety colleagues. πŸ˜‰

The event lasted for four days, and at the end I was tired, with sore feet, but pleased it had gone well. However, tiredness got me last Monday, and I had to have an extra nap after work. Then I had a busy week – hence no blog post last week, and not much other writing got done either. I’m catching up now, though!

Next, on 2nd July, I have the amazing writer Joseph Pinto on my blog, with his new book, Dusk and Summer. And keep an eye on Mari Wells‘s blog during July, as it’s Vampire Month! I’ll have a serial story featuring over there.

In the meantime, drive safely – or I’ll come and get you! *evil cackle*


11 thoughts on “An Arresting Weekend (yes, that’s a really bad pun)

  1. Ha! I’m safe–I don’t drive, LOL! Sounds like you have an awesomely busy two weeks with lots going on. Hats off to your energy–no idea how you do it! Now rest and write on, my friend! XX

  2. Thoughts of being in that suit brings back memories of having to wear a Mr Wimpy costume and entertain a kids party. As for driving…least said about mine the better πŸ˜‰

  3. So a notoriously bad driver was driving one afternoon when her husband called on her cell phone and said, “Karen! Be careful! I just heard on the radio there’s a madwoman driving the wrong way on Scotland’s Highway A9!”

    Karen said, “I know! But there isn’t just one – there are hundreds!”

    • Ho ho. Y’know, I’ve actually seen that happen up in the Highlands, when tourists drive away from some amazing castle and forget what side of the road they’re supposed to be on… πŸ˜‰

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