101 Blog Posts!

Okay, blog posts aren’t as cute as Dalmatians, but hey… 😉

I’m celebrating this 101st post with some news. I passed my Open University Creative Writing course! Furthermore, I scored in the highest band for the fiction I used for my end-of-module assessment. I’m particularly pleased with this, as the piece I submitted was the opening chapter of my work in progress. Language, structure and ideas were all described as ‘excellent’. So now my face looks like this:

Cheshire Cat from Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland

Cheshire Cat from Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland

Just to bring me down a peg (before you all start shouting ‘bighead!’), my overall pass was a Grade 2. A couple of my continuous assessment pieces let me down, namely my poetry (no surprise there), and my life writing. My fiction pieces gained the highest marks, which I’m chuffed with, as fiction is what I intend to concentrate on writing. It’s what I most enjoy writing. As well as this blog that I’m chattering at you from, of course. 🙂

So everybody please partake of virtual champagne and cake with me. Who knows, I may go back and do Advanced Creative Writing next year. Or maybe not. For now, encouraged by the tutors’ comments, I’m going to concentrate on my work in progress, and my short fiction.

Pic courtesy of theinchef.com

Pic courtesy of theinchef.com

If any of you are thinking of doing Creative Writing with the OU, I can highly recommend it. Go in with an open mind, embrace the techniques that work for you, and make good use of your tutorial and workbook exercises. Many of mine have turned into stories in their own right, or are little story seeds just waiting to be planted. I’ve learned so much, and that was my main aim. I admit I was quite experimental with a couple of my pieces of assessed work, trying out different things. Believe it or not, I decided it was worth possibly forfeiting high marks, in order to get feedback on my ideas. My tutor has been very helpful and really identified my strengths and weaknesses. (By the way, I’m sure many other Creative Writing courses are equally good – I’m just speaking from my own experience of the OU.)

Well, I better go and get on with this novel, since apparently I’m on the right track and not writing complete drivel. Have a great week all!


24 thoughts on “101 Blog Posts!

  1. Congrats, Karen! I just finished the Creative Writing Certificate program through the University of Calgary – Continuing Education. Like yourself, I learned the most when I gave myself “permission” to take risks and experiment (without getting caught up in what “grade” I would receive). Good luck taking your opening chapter and running with it (I’m doing the same…although it’s more of a slow jog right now – smile).

  2. Well done, Karen. That’s how my assessments went, my fiction and life writing were great but the poetry brought my grade down(just). Grade 2 is a hell of an achievement! Congrats 🙂

    • Thank you Mark! I quite enjoyed the poetry exercises, but I confess I wasn’t satisfied with what I submitted for the TMA. So no surprise about the lower score. No worries – I learnt a lot! 🙂

  3. Heartiest Congrats to you! Best wishes foir the future! 101st post is special 🙂
    Thanks for the Champagne & Cake 🙂
    Over here thanks to #WWWBlogs 🙂

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