Things I Can’t Do Now I’m Over 40

A bout of illness which totally floored me this week got me thinking about this. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not about to give up screaming at rock bands, dressing up for Doctor Who events, and all the other things SOME people say I shouldn’t be doing. This is a lament for the toughness and downright elasticity of my youthful self. Here is a list of stuff I just don’t cope with now I’m no longer in my twenties or thirties:

1) Being ill. I remember being at University and getting infections, colds, and all manner of ailments, and just shrugging them off and getting on with it. I sniffled through lectures, added my own germs to lab work, and still went out on the town of an evening. Nowadays, I retreat under the duvet and feel sorry for myself until I feel better. (Maybe I’m a man?) πŸ˜‰

2) Lack of sleep. This does depend on what my day involves, but generally – forget it. I can get by on 6 hours for a day or so, but any less than that and I don’t make it through the day without a nap.

3) Hangovers. Nope. If I’m so foolish as to drink enough to get one, the whole next day is lost. I’ve surfaced to find the cats staring at me, trying to work out if I’m dead. This usually leads to a trail of clothes and jewellery that I’ve drunkenly discarded en route to falling into bed the night before, and if I’m lucky, a scattering of change left over from the pub and the taxi.

4) Getting Having a suntan. Newly discovered, this one. Getting it wasn’t the problem – and yes, I tanned very sensibly: high factor sunscreen, staying out of the midday sun, and all that. But I’ve gone through 3 vats of moisturiser and I only got back from my holiday 2 weeks ago. My skin obviously doesn’t cope with drying out that much any more.

5) Eating any damn thing from any damn vendor. Kebabs, suspicious hamburgers, greasy chips…you name it, I could eat it and my cast-iron stomach just sucked it up. Now, the tiniest dodgy molecule and all hell breaks loose. Literally. Too much information.

6) Not writing things down. I don’t remember making lists when I was younger. Okay, that was partly because I had nothing to do except: go to lectures (maybe), eat (any old crap from the takeaway will do), go to pub (definitely), go on to club (if legs still working after leaving pub). These days, I can barely remember to brush my teeth if it’s not on a list. Ho hum.

So, ladies and gents of a certain age, do any of these sound familiar? (Please say yes). Would you add any? I’m sure I’ll think of some more – I’ll have to write them in a list as I go along, though, otherwise I’ll forget… πŸ™‚

The good old days - ah, how I miss them. Yes, that is soon-to-be-long-suffering-hubby with his head in his hands...

The good old days – ah, how I miss them. Yes, that is soon-to-be-long-suffering-hubby with his head in his hands…


41 thoughts on “Things I Can’t Do Now I’m Over 40

  1. OMG sister, I am *so* with you on everyone of these points!! Plus *coughs* add in requiring reading glasses and I’m definitely feeling old. LOL! Great post.

    But you know what? There are plenty of things you CAN do, now that you’re forty. You can smile serenely at the sight of twenty-somethings still in search of their perfect mate (been there, done that, come out the other side alright, right?). You can excuse yourself from silly challenges on account of your advanced age. You can drink wine after work without worrying about getting home (or who to go home with, for that matter). You can stop fretting about career, home and other life choices… And you can still dye your hair bright red if you want to. Ha! In short, you can just get on with enjoying life. Forties are the new twenties, if you ask me, except minus the anxieties. ROCK ON!! πŸ™‚ XX

  2. Love it! Brilliant! Hope you are now feeling healthy again. Can closely relate to a fair few…ok most… of these. Post its are a God-send!
    But I am definitely NOT planning on aging gracefully! Time to rock on, girl!! \m/

  3. I actually get sick less now that when I was younger. I think that’s because I do yoga, take vitamin D in winter, take B-12, and echinacea as soon as I feel anything come on. I swear though, the day I turned 40, my metabolism dropped to about 25% of what it was before…lol. I also get muscle sprains and aches and pains a lot easier, and yeah, I don’t handle lack of sleep very well, either. Oh, and now, I need glasses to read pretty much anything.

    Yep, the joys of being over 40. πŸ™‚

  4. I have to write things down! As Carol said, sticky notes are awesome except my cats love to eat them. But, honestly, I’ve written lists since I started working. Now they’re just a lot longer=)

  5. I’m so with you on all this! You wait until you’re over 50, it’s even worse. I still carried on doing all that stuff and worse until I was in my late 30s, then suddenly I just couldn’t do it all anymore. Honestly, then I got to 50 and just aged overnight!!!! Love the photo of you in your youth, btw, looks as though you went to similar sort of pubs as me! I loved what Nicky said, though – you care less about all that shit you cared about when you were young. That’s the best thing!

  6. You guys are all rug rats. Wait till you hit your 60’s. I love them! They sort of feel freer somehow. Now I wear reading glasses, but I don’t give a damn:) I don’t dust as often, and my time’s more flexible. 60’s are awesome.

  7. Oh man, this hit home. I’ve said recently that if you’re 25 and think you have a hangover, wait until 39. Paralizing pain, physical illness, vertigo, and the desire to call out of life for a week is just the beginning. Then you actually have to open your eyes in the morning.

    I love this list and identify with all of it. I would add keeping up with the 20 year olds at the gym or playing any sport. I can still play or ride with them, but that’s all I can do. They go to the bar and then work the next day. I hobble around like a 60 year old retiree.

    • Thanks for reading, Joe! This post seems to have struck a chord with a lot of people, lol. I’m kind of weird with the exercise thing – I’m ok the day after, then the next day I’m paralysed! πŸ™‚

  8. OMG, I’m right there with you, sista. Here’s another thing to add to your list: I CAN’T READ WITHOUT WEARING FREAKING READING GLASSES! What the! ARGHHHHHHH!!!!

    P.S. Meredith Schorr might be interested in this blog post – she’s put a call out to writers about this topic…

    P.S.S. Thanks for linking up to the Hump Day Blog Hop. It wouldn’t be a party without you, my friend.


  9. Ummm…. I’m not 40 yet, and pretty much all of these apply to me. Great. I’m aging prematurely. I’d also like to add that I can no longer do more than one social thing per day/night. If I have a birthday party to go to, and someone invites me to do something else, it doesn’t matter if the times don’t conflict; I’m not doing two things in one day. It’s like the whole day gets blocked out. Because I have to spend the remaining hours dreading going to that one social thing and then recovering from attending said social thing. I’m a hermit-in-training.

  10. Very funny post! I have to agree with the hangover thing. I get a paralyzing hangover now even when I’ve barely drank anything the night before! Other than that, however, I’m happy to say that I feel and look mostly the same as I did a decade ago, aside from needing to cover the greys a bit more often. I can still run circles around twenty and thirty somethings in spin class and running outside and I don’t plan to slow down anytime soon! Age is just number peeps. Forty can be as sexy as 20 and even more so because we’ve lived long enough to be interesting people with depth and wisdom… πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for dropping by my blog, Meredith! You’re absolutely right of course – I wouldn’t change my experience for my youth. I do wish I could have both, sometimes, though. 😜

  11. Absolutely with you on the lists thing; not brave enough to try a hangover; lack of sleep was never an issue pre-kids, as I COULD nap when ever; and eating? I fortunately still can at the mo, but my teeth might drop out. 😦 Can we also add the horrors of reading glasses and not lying in because your back will hurt, to the list of woes, please?

  12. Do any of these sound familiar? All of the above! Good God, what happened to us? I can especially relate to the hangover thing. Sadly, alcohol does not agree with me anymore. The joys of getting older! Thanks for the funny post. I laughed out loud a couple of times. πŸ™‚

  13. Oh lawd yes! My son just had that pesky enterovirus D68 and was over it in two days. My body kept and cherished it for a week! When he was sick, he played video games. When I was sick, I curled up on the couch and whimpered until I nodded off. He begged for “one more TV show;” I begged to go to bed. And don’t even get me started on alcoholβ€”two drinks and it’s all over for me. Now…what’s a club, again? Please remind me. I seem to have forgotten. πŸ˜‰

  14. Well, this is more mental than physical, but I’m going to add “Tolerate wastes of my time.” I would have thought I would mellow with age, but no, it’s more like, “Out of my way, you other people at the supermarket – I’m not getting any younger, you know!” Anyone else feel that way?

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