The Crazy Cat Lady Strikes Again

As those of you who follow me on Facebook may know – I’ve adopted another one! Or she’s adopted me, whichever way round you think it works. Here’s the latest addition to our furbaby family: Arwen, aka Towanreef Autumn Sunset (isn’t that a posh mouthful?)



Of course she’s adopted long-suffering hubby, and our other three cats too. Sooty (black fluffball from hell) is ignoring her, as she does with everyone. Frodo (white fluffball from marshmallow land) likes her. And Sam the other barmy Bengal…well, the big wuss is a bit scared of her. Arwen refuses to be intimidated by his size and shoutyness, and this is confusing him greatly. But he’s getting there. She keeps trying to play with him, and pounce on him – in other words, she’s wearing him down. Hilarious to watch.

My bestest buddy, the even-crazier cat lady and breeder, rehomed this girl with us. Arwen is a young adult (she’s just turned two). She’s very frisky, nosy and mischievous. Favourite tricks so far: getting into the under-stair cupboard and knocking things over, climbing on top of the kitchen cabinets, and jumping into the fridge. Sam used to be able to do the latter, but he’s too much of a big heffalump now.

Arwen is also clever. She learned to use the cat flap without lessons from me, or the door being propped open. She’s the only cat we’ve had who’s managed this. Brains as well as beauty!

Eagle-eyed readers will spot a trend emerging with our cat names. When we adopted Frodo in January, and decided on his name, we didn’t even think about the ‘Frodo and Sam’ thing. But on adopting the new girl, we decided to stick with our Lord of the Rings theme, hence Arwen. I think we’ll change Sooty’s name to Smaug, as that’s the character she most strongly resembles. 😉

So we have two girls and two boys – and that’s it! Yeah, yeah, I hear you say. No, seriously, I think four is enough for now. The more you have, the more complicated it gets, with territories, rivalries, and whatnot. Also, expensive! They are all fully vaccinated, microchipped, and insured, things I strongly believe in. They are also spoiled when it comes to cat food. They probably get better nutrition than me (she says, reaching for another cake).

Look out for Arwen (and the other furries) in future posts. I’ll leave you with another pic of this gorgeous girl.

Beautiful sunny lady

Beautiful sunny lady


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