Counting Down and Looking Back

The countdown to Halloween has begun! It’s one of my favourite holidays – well, it would be, with my love of things witchy and spooky. This week, I shall be carving pumpkins and decorating the house ready for the day itself. Somehow, two creepy skulls have found their way into my collection. Think I’ll sit them either side of the front door. Don’t worry, they’re not real (or are they..?) 😉

As Halloween used to be the end of the year, I’m using it as an excuse to do a little recap. I’m also six months into my second year of blogging. So how has this year gone so far?

Well, I’ve written a lot of short stories, some finished, some still needing work. Many of them have been written at the request of other bloggers, for special events and story prompt challenges. I’m very flattered that others want to feature my ramblings! I even won a writing competition with one of them: Do You Believe In Magic?

I’ve kept up my practice of blogging at least once a week. This is good for me, as it makes me sit down and write SOMETHING. Unfortunately, we had a little family crisis a couple of months ago, and my writing routine suffered. Things are getting back on track now, so hopefully I’ll get back to doing the stuff that’s fallen by the wayside, namely:

Submitting to magazines and anthologies. I missed a couple of deadlines over the last two months. Annoying, but life gets in the way, as they say.

Working on my poor neglected novel. I really must get back to this. A writer friend has just finished her first draft, so I need to get my butt in gear!

Overall, though, I’m happy with writerly things. On the non-writerly front, back in April and May, I was one of the lead trainers for the Commonwealth Games volunteer drivers. That was hard work, but fun! And long-suffering hubby and I had a fantastic summer holiday in Tunisia: I’m back! (What do you mean, you didn’t notice I was gone?)

Some other highlights from the last quarter:

Top post: Things I Can’t Do Now I’m Over 40. Lots of you identified with this one, and added your own suggestions to it!

Top fiction: The Blood and the Cauldron, written for Mari Wells’s Vampire Month.

Thank you to all my readers for supporting me, and have a Happy Halloween everyone! 😀


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