What Goes On Tour (Part 1)

A new piece of naughtiness has emerged. I wrote this story a while ago, intending it for a magazine that never quite happened. I decided it was time for it to see the light of day. It was inspired by my rock star muse, my *ahem* naughty past, and of course my overactive imagination.

WARNING: This is erotica – although Part 1 doesn’t get too steamy. Things will hot up in Parts 2 and 3!

This excerpt is fairly safe. Follow the link if you want more.


This was the night, I decided as I watched him. We had been flirting for weeks, all the way through the tour, in fact. There were only a few days to go, so now was the perfect time.

There were a few ladies milling around, hoping against hope. But it was me on the receiving end of his brilliant smile as I waved a beer at him from across the room. That smile, and those ocean blue eyes of his – they were going to get him into trouble. At least they would if I had anything to do with it.

The after-show party was winding up. In a moment, it would be back to the hotel. I didn’t want to run the risk of him slipping through my fingers. I had done too much preparation, both in the way I was dressed, and in my room, for that.

As he walked over to me and I handed him the beer, I caught him glancing at my cleavage. I had chosen my dress – and my underwear – for maximum effect. And convenience, but that was for later. When he realised I had clocked him staring, his gaze swiftly changed direction. Cute.

“I love your boots,” he remarked. I did a little twirl, showing them off. Of course he liked them – they were knee-high, lace-up black leather, with a four inch stiletto heel. Very rock chick, together with my long black dress, which clung in all the right places. I gave him a wink by way of thanks.

“So,” I said, as I clinked bottles with him, “How about we finish these, and instead of you hopping on the bus, I give you a lift back?”

“Uh-huh?” I heard the unspoken question in his voice.

“Then how about instead of saying goodnight, you come back to my room?” I didn’t say more, letting my expression speak for itself.


Read more here, if you’re feeling frisky… 😉

(Photo credits to Irene Nocentini. Photo is cropped.)

(Photo credits to Irene Nocentini. Photo is cropped.)


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