Is that really..? Yes, it is. The Pineapple.

Talking to a fellow blogger about weird buildings reminded me of this craziness, just outside my village. Folks, I give you…The Pineapple!

Photo by Karen Soutar

Photo by Karen Soutar

I love follies. And this must be the folly of follies. It looks strange enough now – goodness knows what people thought when it was first appeared. Then again, it was built by a member of the aristocracy, and everyone knows they’re mad, always have been. πŸ˜‰
The Pineapple is a summerhouse, built for the 4th Earl of Dunmore. In 1777, Lord Dunmore returned from serving as Governor of Virginia, where sailors would put a pineapple on the gatepost to announce that they were home. Lord Dunmore, who liked a joke, announced his return more prominently.

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Here’s the official National Trust for Scotland page.

And…you can stay there! The Landmark Trust book it out for holidays. How cool is that?

The Pineapple overlooks a large walled garden, which is open to the general public. It’s a lovely place for a walk, and to take photographs, or draw or paint. I often go for a stroll there. The old curling pond on the estate is home to the rare Great Crested Newt. I’ve never been lucky enough to see one, but I’ll keep looking!

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

If you ever find yourself on the A905 between Airth and Dunmore, look out for the signs for The Pineapple. It’s not visible from the road, but wind your way down the track through field and wood and you’ll be rewarded with some secret Scottish strangeness!


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