Loving Liverpool

Last week we took our first little holiday of the year, to the city of Liverpool. Neither hubby nor I had ever been before, but we’ll definitely be back. What a great place!

After arriving late on Sunday evening and only having time for a meal and then bed, we rose bright and early on Monday morning, ready to start exploring. The day was dull but dry, so we braved the open-top bus for a city tour. I find this is a great way to get your bearings in a place you’ve never visited. After doing one full round of the tour, we ended up at Pier Head, where the Ferry ‘cross the Mersey leaves from. Well – what to do next? πŸ˜‰ After a fortifying coffee and cake, we boarded the ferry, being very twee and singing the song as we went.

Both the bus tour and the ferry had commentary about the history of Liverpool and what we were seeing, so our heads were soon stuffed with facts. Did you know there has been a Ferry ‘cross the Mersey for over 800 years? Or that Liverpool gets its name from the lava seaweed that used to gather in a pool near the shore?

Liverpool skyline

Liverpool skyline

After this rather chilly day of sightseeing we decided to warm up and go for dinner. Unfortunately, by this time the weather had taken a turn for the worse, with rain and high winds buffeting the west coast, so we got a little bit soggy on the way to and from the restaurant. As this continued into the next day, we decided indoor activities were in order and off we went to The Beatles Story.

The Beatles were one of the main reasons hubby and I both wanted to visit Liverpool. I’ve been a fan ever since I could operate my mum’s record player (younger readers: look this up) and listen to her singles and albums. The Beatles Story takes you on a journey from the birth of all the band members to the present day. It’s a very comprehensive account of their story with great photographs and other memorabilia. It also has a shop (of course) in which we managed to spend far too much money.

The next day dawned much better weather-wise, so we wandered down to the Albert Dock, home of The Maritime Museum. This free museum is chock-full of exhibits on all types of maritime history, so there’s something for everyone. We learned about the Lusitania, the Titanic (naturally), the Merchant Navy, smuggling and customs, slavery, and there was a fantastic exhibit about gay life on board ship, called Hello, Sailor! Our heads were stuffed with facts once again.

To get our brains nice and empty, we rounded off our Liverpool visit with an afternoon in The Cavern Club – for real this time, not the replica in The Beatles Story. Although it is only 75% on the site of the original Cavern, it has a great atmosphere and still has live music all day long.

So after a great three days we left Liverpool, full of facts, food and booze – and there was lots we didn’t see. I heartily recommend this place for a city break. See you again, scousers!


(All photos by Karen and Gordon Soutar)


10 thoughts on “Loving Liverpool

  1. Thanks Karen, I’ve always wanted to go to Liverpool, and you;ve persuaded me I must, really interesting piece. And I’m old enough to remember the Beatles very well indeed!

  2. Ooh how we wished we could have come with you! So glad you had an amazing time, and TG the booze the night before nor the little trip to the old Lincoln Prison didn’t stop you from getting there on time…:-)

    • I loved our visit to Lincoln! So, maybe next year I persuade hubby that Lincolnshire is a good place to visit, and we both pop in for a visit with you guys before our spring holiday. xx

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