I’ll Get Round To It…One Day…

Where has the flippin’ weekend gone? Honestly, I need a weekend to do the things I ran out of time to do at the weekend. What’s that all about?

Actually, I got lots of things done: delivered driving lessons, bought new bedroom furniture, cheered long-suffering hubby on at his 10K race, helped my mum with jobs around her new bungalow. But sometimes it would be nice to just stay at home and work through that to-do list that never seems to get done. Do you have one of those? The stuff that always ends up getting put off? Here’s mine:

Hanging up washing
Getting it into the washing machine isn’t the problem. But when it comes to hanging it up, or transporting it to the dryer, it all goes wrong. Yes, I’m one of those minks (Scottish word alert) that leaves their washing (that’s laundry, to my American friends) in the machine overnight so it has to be washed again the next day. And sometimes, again the next day. Yup, the last lot got washed three times. I’m pleased to say it’s now on the clothes airer. Phew!

Sorting out ‘paperwork’
I need to change the payment date of some bills. And change others to online billing only (save the environment). And do my tax return…blah, blah, blah…when it comes to this stuff, I’m the world’s worst procrastinator. Or best, depending which way you look at it.

Tidying up photo albums/theatre programmes/collections of this, that and the other
Who gets round to this? At best, they’re stuffed in a cupboard. At worst, they’re all over the spare room floor. At least I have a spare room…

Mowing the grass
Now, this is really hubby’s job. Mainly because I’m a wimp and can’t start our petrol strimmer and mower. But it always seems to get put off, until the cats are doing their best ‘Tyger! Tyger! burning bright’ impersonation through the jungle. Maybe we should just leave it a bit longer, and make hay? Or have a wild garden? Which leads me on to…

What is the point? The buggers just grow again. Or, while being handy with the weedkiller, I accidentally kill off a ‘proper’ plant instead. Yes, I’m looking at you, dead ground creeping conifer. How dare you be so pathetic? Now I’m going to have to pull you up. More work!

That’s my list. I’m sure there’s more. What are yours? (Note: if you don’t have any, don’t tell me. Clearly you are too perfect to actually exist. You must be a character from ‘The Good Housekeeping Book Of Handy Household Hints’ or some such). πŸ˜‰

Of course, I could be getting some of these jobs done now. But that’s not as much fun as writing about not doing them. Or writing about anything, really. Or listening to music, or playing with my cats, or going for a walk with hubby, or any of a hundred things that are better for the soul than cleaning, tidying or arguing with a lawnmower. It’ll all get done! One day… In the meantime, where’s that new Slash CD? I want to see if I can teach Arwen to meow along to ‘Paradise City’… πŸ™‚

Sing along, Arwen! And get off the printer...

Sing along, Arwen! And get off the printer…


14 thoughts on “I’ll Get Round To It…One Day…

    • Yes, I should really think about my extra large detergent bill when I’m doing a load for the third time! And wasting water – tut tut. First world problems! πŸ˜‰

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