Turkish Delight

Hello folks! I’m back (somewhat reluctantly) from my holiday in Turkey. I have returned with:

A tan

3 pairs of new shoes

Mosquito bites

Lots of photos (collective groan)

Although it was mainly a lazy holiday, we ventured out on a Land Rover trip through the Taurus mountains, a speedboat trip round Fethiye bay, and – we got to Istanbul! Yay! I will do a separate post on the latter with more photos (extra loud collective groan). We also partied quite a bit (I blame making friends with younger couples while we were there), and even found a drag show to rival Blackpool’s Funny Girls.

Our resort was the lovely Green Forest Hotel in Hisaronu. Not too big, although big enough to have an atmosphere in the evening, and NO KIDS! Sorry mums-and-dads-who-are-my-friends, but once your own screaming weans have flown the nest you can’t be bothered with anyone else’s. Yes, it was an adults only resort and it was GREAT!

Hotel Green Forest with the Father Mountain in the background

Hotel Green Forest with the Father Mountain in the background

On our Land Rover trip, we explored the nearby mountain range and had lunch at a fish farm. We also had massive water fights with the other 4x4s, the village kids and anyone else who happened to be passing. Good way to keep cool in the heat. On the cultural side, we saw the ancient Lycian tombs carved into the mountains at Tlos.

Our speedboat trip was amazing – never been on a boat like it. They were originally made for marine commandos and rescue teams. Damn thing could turn on a hair – as our mad captain and his nephew demonstrated! After whizzing around Fethiye bay, we stopped for a refreshing swim. If anyone’s going to the Fethiye area, I can heartily recommend this trip!

True to our theatrical selves, hubby and I got fabulous and went to see a drag show – well, 2 drag shows actually. The cast of Talk Of The Town in Hisaronu have 2 different shows, so we had to see them both! A nice touch was that the ‘girls’ transformed themselves back to the boys at the end of the show. They were gorgeous either way!

Talk Of The Town also had some stupendous cocktails. πŸ˜‰

Well, that’s an overview of my holiday. There was a lot of lying about on sun loungers too, of course. So we’re back refreshed and ready for the next challenge: the new kitchen goes in next week. Aarrgh! πŸ˜€


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