What’s In A Meme?

I’m up to my eyeballs just now in essays, articles and all kinds of things. But here’s a bit of fun I couldn’t resist. My blogger friend Suzie Speaks gave me this idea with a post of hers. You type your first name and the word ‘meme’ into Google, and see what comes up. So for a laugh, I tried it. And what came up? Mainly Ryan Gosling! Result! πŸ˜‰

Hey, Ryan

Hey, Ryan

Ryan then elaborates further:

Well thank you, handsome

Well thank you, handsome

Oh, and now Sean Bean’s turned up, too:

Well, quite. I make the jokes, thank you very much. Lord help you if you steal my punchline. Anyway, Ryan and Sean, what shall we do now? I have a few ideas…

Go away, hubby. I'm busy with Ryan and Sean here!

Go away, hubby. I’m busy with Ryan and Sean here!

Damn, hubby’s turned up. Better shove Ryan and Sean into the wardrobe. πŸ˜€

There were a few others, but I liked these the best. Oh well, better get back to my essay now. As for the other stuff I’ve been writing, more on that soon. Have a great week everyone!


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