Flash Fiction

I wrote flash fiction before I even knew what it was. (For anyone else who doesn’t, it’s generally defined as a story under 1000 words). For some reason, mine tend to be creepy. Follow the links, and read on.

Written for a horror magazine. The story had to feature Death (with or without the capital ‘D’).

Spirit Slips Away
This tale started life as an Open University Creative Writing course exercise, and then grew into a story for the local newspaper. Rock music fans may guess who the fortune teller sees from the title and the image…

A Taste of Freedom?
Written for an Open University Creative Writing course assignment. The prompt was: Write a 500 word scene in which a character feels trapped in his or her surroundings with no immediate prospect of escape.

Don’t Follow Me Home
The first flash fiction I ever wrote – I didn’t even know it was called ‘flash fiction’ back then!

The House
I wrote this using a photo prompt, for a competition. I didn’t win, but I did a bit of tweaking, found another suitable photo, and here it is!

The Spicier, The Better
The title was the prompt for this piece, written originally for the BBBGals blog.

Do You Believe In Magic?
This flash fiction was the winner of a writing contest run by Rayne Hall. The challenge was to write a short piece where all the dialogue was in the form of questions. One character has something to hide; the other probes.


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