What Goes On Tour (Part 3)

Hi sexy readers! Follow the link to Part 3 of my saucy tale of rock stars and the ladies who love them.

If you missed them, read Part 1 and Part 2.

WARNING: This is erotica. I haven’t included an excerpt here, as the – erm – climax of this story gets pretty steamy.

Here’s a pic of my muse, just asking for trouble by being half-naked with a guitar. 😉

Photo courtesy of Richard Booth

Photo courtesy of Richard Booth


What Goes On Tour (Part 2)

Hey there you frisky readers! I posted Part 1 of this story last week. Here’s Part 2. Follow the link and dive in.

WARNING: This is erotica. I haven’t posted an excerpt, as it gets a little hot – okay, a lot hot. 😉

Part 3 on its way soon.

In the meantime, here’s a rather tasty photo. Not my usual muse, but definitely inspirational.

Credits to whoever took this stunning photo. Feel free to own up if it was you!

Credits to whoever took this stunning photo. Feel free to own up if it was you!

What Goes On Tour (Part 1)

A new piece of naughtiness has emerged. I wrote this story a while ago, intending it for a magazine that never quite happened. I decided it was time for it to see the light of day. It was inspired by my rock star muse, my *ahem* naughty past, and of course my overactive imagination.

WARNING: This is erotica – although Part 1 doesn’t get too steamy. Things will hot up in Parts 2 and 3!

This excerpt is fairly safe. Follow the link if you want more.


This was the night, I decided as I watched him. We had been flirting for weeks, all the way through the tour, in fact. There were only a few days to go, so now was the perfect time.

There were a few ladies milling around, hoping against hope. But it was me on the receiving end of his brilliant smile as I waved a beer at him from across the room. That smile, and those ocean blue eyes of his – they were going to get him into trouble. At least they would if I had anything to do with it.

The after-show party was winding up. In a moment, it would be back to the hotel. I didn’t want to run the risk of him slipping through my fingers. I had done too much preparation, both in the way I was dressed, and in my room, for that.

As he walked over to me and I handed him the beer, I caught him glancing at my cleavage. I had chosen my dress – and my underwear – for maximum effect. And convenience, but that was for later. When he realised I had clocked him staring, his gaze swiftly changed direction. Cute.

“I love your boots,” he remarked. I did a little twirl, showing them off. Of course he liked them – they were knee-high, lace-up black leather, with a four inch stiletto heel. Very rock chick, together with my long black dress, which clung in all the right places. I gave him a wink by way of thanks.

“So,” I said, as I clinked bottles with him, “How about we finish these, and instead of you hopping on the bus, I give you a lift back?”

“Uh-huh?” I heard the unspoken question in his voice.

“Then how about instead of saying goodnight, you come back to my room?” I didn’t say more, letting my expression speak for itself.


Read more here, if you’re feeling frisky… 😉

(Photo credits to Irene Nocentini. Photo is cropped.)

(Photo credits to Irene Nocentini. Photo is cropped.)

Jumping on the 50 Shades Bandwagon, Or, Me Ranting About Sex In Writing

As a writer of erotica, I’ve followed the whole 50 Shades debate with interest. I’ve read all three books; yes, I enjoyed them. I haven’t seen the film yet. I don’t have any fantastic insights or conclusions to add, I’m sure, but here’s my two penn’orth anyway. 😉

Number one pet peeve: the people who are criticising the book when they haven’t read it. Or if they have, they’ve read a different book to me. I know everyone takes different stuff away from a book: that’s the beauty of one. But some of the things people have said are so inaccurate that I began to question if my memory was going wonky. So I’ve just re-read all three books. Nope, turns out they just hadn’t read it.

Yes, it’s not the most brilliantly written thing I’ve ever read. Neither is it by far the worst. So what? I thought it was a page-turner, but not everyone will. That’s fine.

Several people have said Christian ‘stalks’ Ana at the beginning of the book, until she agrees to have a relationship with him. Ahem…I should probably be locked up then, because I did the same to most of the guys I fancied when I was younger. I didn’t have access to a helicopter, a private jet, or even a fast car, but as far as my meagre finances would allow, I turned up at their workplace, their watering hole, and made sure I got noticed. Did it work? Sometimes. Did I ever get a lasting relationship out of it? Ask hubby.

Oh, and I’ve been stalked. House watched, harassing phone calls, and physically attacked. That’s a story for another time, but for me, what Christian does is not stalking.

It’s a STORY. This is the big one, isn’t it?

Should we not have these stories, because some people might take them as gospel truth, or some kind of handbook on how to have a relationship?

Some of you will say, ah, but, these stories aren’t necessary. Why do we need stories about kinky sex, fucked-up people (ooh, I swore), and odd relationships? Well, by the same standard, why do we need stories about dragons, spaceships, and Superman? Let’s get rid of all those too. Ah, but those stories don’t harm anyone. Tell that to the young me who jumped out of her bedroom window to see if she could fly. (I can’t, but I have great balance and I can land really well. Otherwise that story would have ended very differently). And yes, I knew even back then that I was being stupid. I did it anyway. There lies the story of human nature.

I got most of my sex education in my early teens from Jackie Collins and Danielle Steel. My mum had told me the mechanics of sex when I asked, aged 10. She explained very well, too, but what she couldn’t explain was passion, desire, or even love. My parents didn’t have a loving relationship. I learned about those from books. I also learned about wanting the wrong person, making the wrong decisions, why drugs and sex can be a dodgy mix, and all kinds of other stuff. Did I think that what I read was ‘reality’? No! Was it the definitive way to conduct a relationship or a sex life? No. Did I think ‘Hmm, I might like to try that?’ Yes.

What did I learn from reading trashy sexy novels? That men and women can both be monsters. That women can be empowered and take charge in and out of the bedroom. That playing around with different sex scenarios can be fun. IF YOU WANT TO.

There can be true love, great sex, and all points around and in between. There can also be crap relationships and crap sex. There can be abuse from both men and women. These things I didn’t learn only from books.

Aren’t we just catering to the lowest common denominator if we don’t write, film, paint, sculpt, whatever, this kind of stuff? Isn’t it just another example of ‘dumbing down’? Surely the answer is BETTER EDUCATION. About fiction, about fantasy, and that crossing it over to reality should only happen WHEN YOU WANT IT TO.

Ana chooses to try Christian’s way. She enjoys it, and when she asks him to go further to see what it’s like, and hates it, she dumps him and leaves. They get back together, but then he has to make changes if he wants to be with her, because she doesn’t like all the stuff he likes. So.

I like a straightforward romance as much as the next person. I also like to have my buttons pushed every so often. Damaged people are much more fascinating to read about than sweet, simpering heroes and heroines. The rogue cop who gets results is way more interesting than the policeman who does it by the book. Don’t we just love the maverick doctor who takes risks and saves the patient’s life with an unorthodox treatment? In real life, the lines will never be so neatly drawn.

Yes, I like this stuff. Sue me.

Yes, I like this stuff. Sue me.

Temptation…and Inspiration

Photographs are a constant source of inspiration to me. Along with music, they spark a lot of my ideas, especially for flash or short fiction.

I don’t usually put my fiction on my blog home page, but for a change, I’ve included a little excerpt below, along with the photograph that inspired it.

I’m mostly writing erotica, or at least, sensual pieces, at the moment. That seems to be the way my mind’s working, just now! I’m sure lots of people would say I’m having a mid-life crisis. 😉 I’ve liked to read ‘sexy stuff’ ever since my teens, and I’ve always made up my own scenes in my head. Over the past year, I started writing them down properly. I discovered that I enjoyed writing them, and some people thought I was quite good at them, so that encouraged me to keep going.

But this isn’t about writing sexy scenes. It’s about inspiration.

The photograph inspired me to write the lines featured below, along with the fact that it was the autumnal equinox. I was thinking about autumn, and apples ripening – maybe because we have an apple tree in our garden. I remembered that I had saved this photograph some weeks ago. I took another look at it, and the word ‘temptation’ immediately entered my head. I thought about how Eve tempted Adam with the apple. I certainly find the young man in the photograph tempting! I imagined the apple tree above him. Like a movie playing in my head, I saw the serpent slither down the tree…and I started writing.

That’s one example from my creative process. I’ve realised that I do ‘picture’ what I’m describing, whenever I’m writing – not just when inspired by photos. Sometimes that’s to see if what’s flowing from my pen (or keyboard) actually works. In this case, the photo was a jumping-off point for all kinds of other images. When I’m inspired by a piece of music, I find the same thing happens: the image of what the song or melody means to me appears in my head.

Of course, I’m inspired by all kinds of other things as well: people and incidents from all walks of my life, paintings, quotes…the list is endless.

To my writer friends: where do you get your ideas from? Do you ‘see’ what you’re writing? What’s the strangest thing that’s inspired you? Fellow music lovers: does a song or piece of music ever create an image in your mind? Is it ever different to the story the lyrics are telling?


Photo courtesy of @LapsedSaint on Twitter

Photo courtesy of @LapsedSaint on Twitter

I am Eve.

He lay on his back under the trees, forbidden as the fruit all around him. His body dappled, the light struggling through the dense branches. One hand held an apple; the other shaded his eyes. The blankets he lay amidst artfully covered him, but even in the dim light I could see he was naked.

They were always to be found in the orchard, at this time of year. Young men, mostly, doing it for a dare.

I am Eve. The thought ran through my mind again, as my mouth watered in anticipation. The serpent whispered. I could already taste the fruit…the sin…him.

Leaves scrunched as I moved closer. He stirred, but didn’t look. I touched the tree, bark scratching my palm. The serpent uncoiled, slithered, tempted. Reaching out, my fingers alighted on smooth skin, over firm flesh.


So…who am I? What am I touching? (Not that – naughty people). What’s going to happen? I don’t even know myself yet. I have a few endings in mind… 😉

Musical inspiration (and practising adding video!)

I’ve just finished the first draft of a short story. Before I tackle draft two, I’m taking a break and a step back, as I always do. I thought I’d use the time to play around with adding video to my blog, something I haven’t tried yet. I’m sure some of you are thinking, “Huh? What’s the big deal?” Listen, for a technophobe like me, it’s all very challenging.

So, what’s the video? It’s something that’s part of what could be called the ‘soundtrack’ to my writing. Well, some of my writing. Okay, the erotica.

Halestorm, and in particular Lzzy Hale, writes some great, dark, sexy rock songs. I adore Lzzy’s lyrics – she seems to have the same attitude to men in her lyrics as I do in my fiction. Not in real life, of course, or hubby would have divorced me by now. 😉

Anyway, this is ‘I Get Off’ by Halestorm. Although some of you will enjoy just watching Lzzy, if you listen to the lyrics you’ll see what I mean by dark and sexy. It certainly gets me in the mood when I want that feeling in my writing!

Just checked the video and it’s worked – yay! Now roll on October when I get to see the band for real.

So, this is Frisky Friday…on Music Monday I could practise posting a video from my iPad instead! (Everyone groans). Hey, don’t knock it – I might need to do that while I’m on holiday. There may be video footage of me doing something terribly interesting/exciting/embarrassing – the latter being the most likely…