Not Leaving, Just Changing Focus For a While

Some of you may have noticed I haven’t been blogging nearly as regularly as I used to. (Most of you will have not noticed, and that’s fine, because we’re all mega-busy and drop in and out of blogs when we have time, both as readers and writers.) I just wanted to do a little update on what’s been happening, why I haven’t been around, and why I may continue to not be around for a while.

The Day Job

This is taking up more brain power! That’s not to say I didn’t use my brain before, ha ha, but the new role I’ve taken on, training the actual instructors, requires a bit more energy. This means that when I’m at home in the evenings, I’m often too tired to write much. I’m sure that’ll change as I get more used to the new bit of my job, but for the time being, it’s having an effect.

Also, as of the end of August I’m going to be covering the Regional Business Manager’s role while they’re off for a few months, so that’ll take up extra time as well!

The New Project

Project Health! Of course, my day job is extremely sedentary. I’ve been aware for a while that I need to take more exercise, eat healthier and therefore lose some weight. Well, it’s now happening.

One of the perks of my job is I get to meet lots of different people. One of my ex-pupils is a fitness instructor. When I was teaching him to drive, he was just starting his own business. In the spirit of supporting local small businesses, and because we get on great, I’ve joined his gym, started doing fitness classes and met a whole lot of lovely other clients along the way. I’ve also been inspired, of course, by my hubby, who has done amazing things improving his fitness over the last couple of years. (See My Running Man for details.)

Inspirational hubby!

Inspirational hubby!

I started this at the beginning of May, and I’ve lost over a stone, gone down from a size 16/18 in clothes to a size 14, and I’m feeling great. After my summer hols, which are a week away, my short term goal is to lose another stone, and get down to a size 12. I’m also taking part in Supernova, a 5K running event in Falkirk at the beginning of November. My long term goal is to take part in the Tough Mudder event in 2017. I’ve signed up, and will be joining the M.K.Fitness team in all their muddy glory.

So getting fitter is taking up some of my time, too. But it’s a good use of time. Although I’m a firm believer in ‘having it all’, I don’t believe you can have it all at once – there simply aren’t enough hours in the day. At the moment, I’m focusing on my day job and on getting fitter, so writing has had to take a bit of a back seat. I was stressing about this for a while, but then I realised that was silly. My priorities have changed, for the time being at least. Writing is meant to be fun. If I’m forcing myself to do it when I’m tired, or should be doing something else, that’s not fun.

This blog post is as much for me as for you, lovely readers. I’m giving myself permission to not write.

That said, I’m sure I’ll simply not write as much. I’ll still blog about fun things I’ve done. I’ve got a couple of short stories already written that’ll be appearing on here. And I’m sure that, having permitted myself not to write, ideas will jump into my head that I simply have to write about!

Okay, I’m off to make dinner, feed the cats, and all those kind of necessary tasks. Oh, and see if hubby needs any help – he’s up a ladder fixing something! 😀

I’ll see you when I see you, folks.

Karen xx


My Running Man

I’ve been very busy recently cheering hubby on as he runs various distances in various parts of Scotland. Yes, the race season has started! A few weeks ago he ran his fourth half marathon. In spite of him driving me crazy the way that men do a lot of the time, I couldn’t be prouder of what he has achieved over the past few years.

From being a total non-runner, he started walking regularly, interspersed with a little bit of running, as a cheap way to keep fit. The running part began to increase, and he wondered about entering an ‘official’ run as a way to give himself a specific goal. Someone introduced him to the Park Run, a timed 5K run that takes place in parks and recreation areas all over the world. He started taking part in that, and from there went on to try a 10K run in 2014. Having managed it, he did several more that year, improved his time, and began wondering about…yes, you guessed it. Could he do a half marathon?

As a self-confessed couch potato, I found all this very impressive. After swithering a bit, hubby decided to just go for it, and entered the Alloa Half Marathon, a friendly local event, in March 2015. And he did it! He got cramp on the hill near the end (which is a b*****d of a hill, it’s true), but he finished and with a respectable time. He did two more half marathons last year, in Edinburgh and Glasgow, acheiving a personal best time of 2 hours dead in Glasgow.

This year he began the season by running the Alloa Half Marathon for the second time. He improved his time, and didn’t cramp on the hill (although it was still a horrible hill, apparently). 😉

This is the timing car at Alloa Half Marathon, with the race winner behind, at about the 8 mile mark

This is the timing car at Alloa Half Marathon, with the race winner behind, at about the 8 mile mark

Hubby (in pink shirt) about to cross the Alloa finish line

Hubby (in pink shirt) about to cross the Alloa finish line

Yesterday, he ran a 10 kilometre course round Grangemouth, another local town. This is a very flat course so good times can be achieved. Hubby was delighted to finish with a personal best time of 53 minutes 31 seconds. His previous best for 10K was over 56 minutes so he was well chuffed (and knackered). 😉

Approaching Grangemouth 10K finish line, making a fist and pulling a satisfied face at his time!

Approaching Grangemouth 10K finish line, making a fist and pulling a satisfied face at his time!

As well as being very proud, I’m writing this to say: if hubby can do this, anyone can – and he totally agrees with me! Never in a million years did he see himself as a runner. He used to say that he hated running. He was much more keen on cycling, walking, lifting weights in the gym – anything but running. Here are some words of wisdom from the man himself (which could apply to anything that you want to do, I guess):

The hardest part is getting off your bum, putting on your shoes and getting out there.

Put one foot in front of the other. Walk. Then do it faster. Run a bit. Do it faster. Run for a bit longer. Do it a bit faster.

Never compare yourself to anyone else. Only compete with yourself.

He’ll probably kill me for this, but below is a photo from early 2014, when he ran his first 10K, and also a photo from yesterday, after his latest 10K. Before and after – it shows what you can achieve!

And finally, here’s a great shot the pro photographer took at the Alloa Half Marathon:

He's having fun - honestly! ;)

He’s having fun – honestly! 😉

I guess the message for all of us is – just get out there and do it! 🙂